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  • jacklemon_rip jacklemon_rip Dec 14, 2011 2:45 PM Flag

    $26.22, Newt-Romney vs Obama in 2012

    So I guess this means for you that it's OK for Obama to be in bed with the Unions giving billions of Amercian taxpayer money in payoffs to keep them happy and voting for him? Breaking Federal laws and ignoring Federal laws being broken. Ignoring the Constitution to force legislation, regulations, and rules down Americans' throats. It's OK for Obama to play both sides in this pipeline argument to get his payoffs from both of them. You make me sick because you totally and completely ignore the low and illegal things liberals do because.... why? You would rather not think about it, or it might go away if you don't admit it's true? Maybe you just don't care because they are liberals? Sure is interesting to watch you liberals stick your heads up where they sun doesn't shine to avoid the reality of your own Party.

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