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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Feb 17, 2012 2:34 PM Flag

    $29.54, to McCain, many are dumb and stupid

    The bill cleared the Senate in a 60-36 vote less than an hour after the House approved it by a 293-132 margin.

    A majority of House Republicans and Democrats voted in favor of the bill, though 91 Republicans and 41 Democrats in the chamber voted no. Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly for the bill while Senate Republicans largely opposed it.

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    • spring ... there is NOBODY who has been a reader of this message board that could ever say that u opposed our entry into the iraq war ... man-up ar-sehole

      why dont u express ur opposition to the next family u escort to graveside and offer ur condolence to them for the failed leadership of our former president

      let me help u see/know exactly who they are ... real faces, real people gone forever

    • springy is very much like the presidential candidate he'll be voting for (Willard). Whichever way the wind blows, he'll turn reluctantly while lying about his prior view.

    • spring ... as an activist civilian u have the right and duty to express ur opinion ... u supported the iraq war and the surge ... and the resultant unnecessary and inappropriate deaths, maiming and wounding that followed

      u NEVER expressed any reservations about our great country’s role, involvement or rightness

      and now ur telling us >I always felt the second incursion into Iraq was uncalled for

      sounds like an admission to me which i was ready to accept as ur true feelings til u squirmed and DENIED

    • spring posts >I always felt the second incursion into Iraq was uncalled for.

      thats the biggest bunch or bs u ever posted ... u supported the surge and the continued unnecessary killing, maiming and wounding of tens-of-thousands of americans

      good of u to final admit that the CHANGE IN MISSION ORDERED by gwb was devastating to the safety and security of our great country and our soldiers called up to serve and protect

      obl was our target ... gwb tooks his eyes off the target with the full and unquestioning support of folk like u ... guilty as charged

    • re Barry has spent in 3 years what Bush did in 8. That's the problem.

      But Bush didn't pay for anything he did in 8. Did you not catch that little fact?

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