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  • rxonman rxonman May 23, 2012 5:37 PM Flag

    A Shareholder's Question For HP Employees

    Why cant HP create new products? Why cant they innovate? When was the last time HP invented anything new?

    Is the company just a home for tech bureaucrats, like a tech civil servive organization?

    Or is it all just mark hurd or lay-oh?

    Tell me why anyone should own this ossified pig? Including me.

    And whats up with the disaster that is automony? u pay 10x's sales for 100% revenue growth, not revenue declines? was mangement hoodwinked on the deal by the seller who pulled lots of revenue forward??

    always interested in employee feedback, esp in a company

    have at me, no holds barred. but hold urself accountable as well mr worker bee engineer who has done anything right in a long time.

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    • My perspective...

      Meg is the first CEO in a long time even giving lip service to investment in innovation and IT in a long time. Turd, Leo, forget it. Second, I for one work in a group with fantastic people managers that try to improve processes, push new platforms, and try relentlessly to break down walls and overcome resistence to gain traction for new and better ways of doing business. They put their reputations and jobs on the line if they have a passion and belief in their ideas. They know the risks they are taking, but show courage. Status quo isn't thier main interest. They don't steal your ideas, they do give you credit and the encourage the employees to care, to drive and to strive. So, there are some very good, very commited people at HP. All this said, I think there are some very fundamental road blocks to prosperity and cost cutting internally that the Top doesn't understand yet. My grounds for this is that no reorg or restructure ever addresses some of these inhibitors. If the light bulbs go on, the ship could turn around quickly. I believe in HP for now. The have the people at the core to succeed.

    • Common you have to give HP more credit than that. HP is and was the only innovator in the space till Apple changed the market for past 10 years. HP actually was a reseller of iPod classic when they first launched.

      1. HP commercialized wireless printing.
      2. HP jordano tablets, iPAQ smart phones
      2. Spectre Ultrabooks
      3. HP pretty much wiped out Dell by providing all the available ports as standard in every laptop.
      4. Although failed product but i still love the HP Touchpad, easily gives 10 hours battery life and kids love it.

      I am sure you can think of lot more products/innovation out of HP.
      What failed HP is the people with personal agendas pulling the company in every direction. Greed to keep growing and making failed acquisitions. Not every company can be IBM but HP is hell bent to be IBM.

      After a long time this company seems to have a CEO giving equal weightage (time and attention) to all service lines which might be needed for a successful Tech conglomerate.

      rest all is unfolding in front of our eyes or in case of HP rumors unfold to become news. So we shall see. This is a great american company fortunately it will never get taxpayers money.

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      • Yes, HP earned and received many accolades in it's past and it was a great place to work but fact of the matter - that was the past. What have they done in the last 10 years? Any company that wants to survive needs to keep innovating and reinventing themselves. HP's management has failed to do that with ANY innovation and has only taken value out of the company. Only those at the top have profited at the expense of the shareholders and long term employees.
        They have held HP up as case studies for excellence in the past. Books have been written about what a great company it was and how they got that way. They will continue to talk about HP in case studies - but it will be on what NOT to do.
        Sad as it is, it's true.

    • Remember the pay cuts few years ago??? Many talents left during Mark's tenure.

    • It is simple. HP no longer innovates. They simply turn their previously challenged engineers into spec writers. They are then forced to provide these specs to the ODMs. When the ODMs screw up the design, the HP designers basically teach them proper design skills. They are basically forced to train their low cost Asian replacements. They should review the Apple model of innovation and consider returning to their innovative roots

    • Your questions should be directed to four (some current, some former) HP employees: Fiorina, Hurd, Apoteker, and now Whitman. They should also be directed to the Board of Directors. I don't think most rank and file employees had much influence in debacles such as paying 10X sales for Autonomy (right after the Palm acquisition went so well, no less).

      My view is this company is suffering from terrible management and terrible oversight by the Board. But why should any of them care? They get paid handsomely for repeated failures, while their employees and shareholders suffer the consequences.

      P.S. I apologize in advance for spelling/grammar errors--I only have one useful hand at the moment and it's not my dominant one.

    • an insightful article regarding your question

    • now a branch of the government. Not sure-fed or state...does it matter. They have lost their way. Their core competence is gone. They can come back....

    • HP is still a one trick pony....CUT COSTS. Beyond that no one seems to have a clue what to do in order to get their next bonus check.

    • thats all i get?? must be more to story than that.

    • Like most large companies the place is full of technocrats at all levels who add little real shareholder value.

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      • Invention by employees is not rewarded. Only Mgt is rewarded and protected. Innovation is sniffled by managers who are still trying to prove they add some value. Many MGT people were at one time engineers but became mgrs because it was the only way to move up. They were probably poor engineers but good butt kissers so then they got promoted and became even worse managers. Instead of encouraging employees they spend there time keeping the masses in their place. They are creating and maintaining their fiefdoms, ranking employees so they don't get raises or trying to a.)steal any good ideas and present it as their own and/or b.) come up with all the reasons the product wouldn't work. Then you have people like Carley - that just don't get it - On the eve of Comdex rather than announce HP had it's own MP3 player in the works but not 100% yet she trashed it and did a deal with Apple - just so she would have something to talk about for her keynote speech. Yes, that's right. A deal with the competitor - who indecently benefited from increasing it's market coverage World-wide tremendously since HP was distributing it. Yes, that's right the first IPOD with a HP label. Apple also was smart enough to require HP to ship iTunes on all pc's too - hum... I wonder if that helped there growth any???? Now you have the new king of failure LEO killing the tablet before it was even out the door - and announcing that they were getting rid of PC's - with NO BUYER - what a fool!!! Buying up companies like they were DVD's with stockholder money and big bonus for all buddies. These are the kind of decisions only POOR POOR INCOMPETENT management can make, not individual contributors! The other thing is HP people are not drones to just go do your work... When they see all the shenanigans MGT is up to who can work effectively? One day to the next you don't know if you have a job or not..the CEO is banging a consultant, now he's gone with a fat bank account - now he's working for a competitor - now you got a x-gov candidate but wait isn't she the one with thee alien nanny?

        What kind of circus environment is that for people to create in?

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