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  • sstail94 sstail94 Sep 24, 2012 1:27 PM Flag

    The Heritage Foundation and the Individual Mandate-1


    A counter to Hillary's Health Care proposal in the 1990's that did NOT receive any serious consideration does not constitute a rousing endorsement or authorship thereof. I'm sure had the proposal been seriously considered there would have been serious consideration given to the proposal. As it was, none was. Once again you wrongly attribute authorship to a political counter proposal that went nowhere.

    You're leaps of logic aren't justified by actual fact. There are thousands of political proposals and counter proposals by numerous think tanks and political parties - and a very small percentage of them ever amount to anything beyond hot air.

    This is no exception.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • If you read all three of my posts you would know that the idea of basing health care reform on an individual mandate received quite a lot of Republican support in the early 1980s. For example, the HEART bill, which included an individual mandate, had 19 Republican co-sponsors out of 43 Republicans in the Senate at the time. And there is no doubt, though I didn't go into this part of the history in my posts, that Romneycare, with its individual mandate, was based on the ideas put forth by Heritage.

      The point of my posts is simply this: attacking the individual mandate in the ACA is either hypocritical or uninformed. The ACA has many questionable aspects. (If you want to see a dozen of them discussed in detail, log on to the Heritage Foundation website.) But the individual mandate is not one of them. On the contrary, it is a logical response to the free rider problem and vastly preferable to the employer mandate.

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