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  • poltava_v poltava_v Nov 9, 2012 8:51 AM Flag

    About this time....

    ....during Katrina the far left zealots were screaming bloody murder about how Bush was handling it. Why do they not hold Obama to the same accountability for Sandy as they did Bush for Katrina?

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    • It is because the libturds are too stupid to see the truth right in front of their eyes. Sadly, America is no longer the America I grew up to know. The news media could be trusted and even politicians seem to want to do what is right. Now it is all just about what they can "give" to get re-elected and the news media wants the US to be the European far west satellite nation. Now it is just about bashing capitalism and people that wish to stay free. It does not matter about the news story subject as long as the media can bash the right.

      Why aren't the hollywood types going on TV talking about how bad a job Oblunder has done with FEMA? Gee, you think they are just stupid? Yes, is the answer for all the other stupid libturds.

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      • America is no longer the America that I grew up in either.

        - The average person is much wealthier now.
        - There are twice as many people and twice as many companies here now.
        - Segregated schools, hotels and restaurants are no longer in existence.
        - Infant mortality is way down now, we live longer lives, but also pay much more for heath care.
        - More people have high school and college degrees.
        - no one needs to pay a poll tax in order to vote now.
        - There are way more TV channels now.
        - We can talk with anyone in the country or world any time and from any place we want to now.
        - Wages have increased by about 50%, when adjusted for inflation.
        - We have 3 times as many lawyers now, and there are a lot more people in jail., too.
        - Divorce rates are up, but smoking is way down.
        - Total manufacturing jobs are down by about 25%
        - blacks are no longer regularly lynched.
        - A transistor radio was hi-tech then; an iphone is hi-tech now.
        - The air and water are generally much cleaner now.
        - Blacks, Hispanics, and women can all be found in most any elected offices now.
        - Many life threatening and debilitating diseases have now been cured or controlled.
        - We hid under our desks in case of a nuclear attack then.
        - Milk was delivered to our front porch then by the milkman.
        - Ed Sullivan was who we all watched on Sunday nights.
        - Homework papers were written by hand, unless you were rich enough to have a typewriter.

        Yes, America is no longer the America that I grew up in.

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    • About this time, FEMA was just getting to New Orleans.

      Certainly some are upset that they still have no power, but those without power have been reduced from more than 6 or 7 millions just after the storm,, from West Virginia to New Hampshire. Now power has been restored to 90% of those who lost power, and Con Ed and other power companies have said that they will have restored power to everyone within the next couple of days.

      The next question is what will happen with those homes that are either gone, or uninhabitable, like the house that a fiend of mine had on the Jersey shore. Her house had been in their family for 4 generations, and more than a century, and it is now completely gone, with all it's contents.

      Also, it might be a good idea for those small businesses that run gas stations to consider getting 1 or 2 pumps, at least, that could be operated by hand crank, and without electric power. We had similar gasoline problems here after a big ice storm when we had no power for more than 2 weeks. I wondered then why those businessmen never even considered requiring an option to pump gas without electric power. Maybe a solar panel on the roof would be enough to run a couple of pumps.

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    • In either case I don't hold who was/is POTUS responsible but the far left crazies sure did. It's just part of their usual double standard.

    • I have stopped wondering why the drones hold everyone but themselves and those they worship to the standards they impune to others.

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