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  • bjorn_cedervall bjorn_cedervall Nov 10, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Time limitation of 363 ink cartridges is a catastrophy for HP

    I and my partner bought two All in Ones about 5 years ago. Then, we found a good price on some of the cartridges so we bought extras - to a value about 300 USD. Only to soon find out that there was a date limitation on them.

    Bottom line is that my HP printer has not been used the last three years (I print out stuff at work and their printers are not HPs) and my partner just said "never again HP". I don't say that and have essentially had a good idea about HP since my first aquaintance in 1973.

    Now I say, who are these cynical and arrogant HP people who totally lack respect for HP's customers? Can't I be allowed to decide myself when the quality falls below my needs?

    This must reasonably not only be a technical matter, but also a management problem. Those who promote such ideas lack the most fundamental insight about human psychology. When one discovers that a company only is interested in screwing you one heads somewhere else and will thereafter be very difficult to get back.

    Suppose I instead bought an ink pen and it stopped working after five months because of some electronic date limitation... No that would not be accepted either.

    HP: You need to remove the people involved in this date limitation problem ASAP - the image value you are losing is reasonably large - you shoot yourself in your foot, If you want to repair some of the image damage you must do something for us customers to compensate us - it is high time...

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    • According to the HP web site, you can override expiration of the 363 type cartridge. I'd give you a link, but Yahoo forbids links. Instead search for:

      Ink expires, but you can override

      One of the first two links specifically calls out the 363 cartridge. There is also info on why ink expires.

    • If you bought $300 worth of ink it was not that much ink to start out with. Why would you stop using the printer after 2 years if you had ink left? If not, you are just stupid. In fact, you aren't coming across very bright anyway. Why didn't you look at the expiration date when you bought it? If you "found" a good price then why complain at HP as you must have bought the ink from somebody other than HP.

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      • I didn't have any ink left that I was aware of was working. I inserted new cartridges and they essentially signaled that they were empty as soon as I had replaced the older ones. One set of ink for my All in One is about 75 USD so in relative terms 300 USD was quite much (the whole printer cost around 450 USD). You ask why I didn't look at the expiration date: First of all I assumed that something NEW in this category that you buy is good for at least a year. Second I did not KNOW that they put a date limitation = electronic lock on the cartridges. I am Swedish and found those that I paid around 300 for in France (would have cost around 35 % more in Sweden) so I saw an opportunity and assumed that this basically had to do with differences in currency exchange rates and profit taking in the retailer chain.

        The ink was from HP and no other source but it is not that easy to go back to the store when you find out 5-6 months later that they all were expired - especially as they were bought in another country and I had traveled around so I didn't even remeber where in France I had bought them.

        You call me stupid - OK - I have two university degrees from our top science schhols + a PhD and have had many successes throughout my life. The problem this time was essentially that I couldn't ask or look for something that I didn't know about.

        After these monetary losses I decided not to support HP with another penny so that's why I haven't used the printer since then (the stock chart looks interesting BTW - especially for the last three years). One of you who commented wrote that there is a reason for the expiration date - yes but that does not mean that they must be locked electronically - I can judge for myself where I draw the quality limit - I most often don't need everything to be "100 %". The arrogance and disrespect for the customer lies in the electronic lock.

        I thank those of you who gave me hints about how to circumvent the problem - I will check them out.

    • HP engineers go to great lengths to protect the customers from bad experiences. The reason for the expiration date is unknown. It may be that quality of the print would be poor. Soda stored in plastic bottles goes flat after time. . It may be that the ink after a long storage would damage the part that sprays the ink. Antifreeze loses its corrosion protection after time. It may be that the cartridge could develop a leak when put in a printer after long storage time damaging the printer Faucets drip after time. If the engineers design the product for the very, very few, the cost must be borne by all the customers. They will be forced to pay features that they never use.

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