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  • sstail94 sstail94 Nov 10, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    The States that receieved the most federal dollars


    Counting all federal spending - Military, defense, wages and all other payments. Imagine that. Most of the top are blue. And it would appear the most are those "productive" blue states the left loves to brag about. It shows those blue states are only "productive" because they have made the Federal Government their business.

    So much for that theory. Welfare recipients are the only way Federal Dollars are spent. Bureaucracy is yet another form of "Corporate/Government" welfare. Amazing how those liberal Democrats vote to keep Connecticut Submarine yards going, shipyards in Virginia, Aircraft production in CA........ All courtesy of the other states. My my my - now who's on the federal dole????

    1. Florida - Blue
    2. Alaska - Red
    3. California - Blue
    4. Virginia -Blue
    5. Maryland - Blue
    6. Hawaii - Blue
    7.New Mexico - Blue
    8.Kentucky - Red
    9. Alabama - Red
    10. West Virginia -Red
    11.Connecticut - Blue
    12. North Dakota -Red

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    • California puts in $1466 more per person per year than it gets back. But at 37.7 million people, it still gets quite a bit of its own money back.

    • now you have a good idea sstail...let's totally dismantle all of our military industrial complex, especially companies that are located in States that went Blue in this election. I have always complained about all those executives, scientists, engineers, high tech folks, etc. working for Boeing, HP, CSC, DRS, Harris, etc being on the dole. Shut down the shipyards and the military bases and "fire" all the military personnel at those facilities..bunch of freeloaders looking for stuff on the backs of the taxpayer. Let's privatize the military. Or allow each State to form and arm its own militia. I mean, why should citizens in South Dakota pay for the maintainance of a Navy? They don't need no stinking Navy. Thank god no Republicans in any of the States you listed above ever lobbied or voted for any appropriation that benefited a company or military facility in their State. I know that the Republican governors and/or State Legislatures in some of the "Blue States" you mentioned above are dying to get rid of all the defense related industry in their state and move out the retired military and retired middle classes collecting Social Security and Medicare. Leaches all of them. (Thank you for verifying that the GOP concerns about the cuts in the Defense budget if we go over the fiscal cliff are a sham)

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