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  • langosta_fla langosta_fla Nov 16, 2012 10:39 AM Flag

    People Will Remember Where They Were At When Obama 2nd Term Win Called

    As much as I dislike your obnoxious style of delivery, your message is right-on. Obama's election WAS a watershed event. If Mitt had won there would have been a regression back to the last century when the 1% were rewarded with legalized income tax evasion and the 99% were pauperized with layoffs by corporate predators like Mitt.

    Obama's re-election is confirmation that the country, and probably the rest of the world, is headed into a new Progressive Century where emphasis will be placed on prospering the 99%.

    (My apologies for sounding like a clone of "Uncle Fulbert" but he, "Billy," and "VT" and the rest of their group called it right this time. Obama had the right message for the times. Mitt didn't. The Republicans aren't out of the game, though. They will adjust their message and will comeback with leadership that the 99% respect --- people like Chris Cristie, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio. They'll be back strong in '016, but with a more moderate message that is in tune with the desires of the 99%. There won't be any more talk about tax cuts for the 1% or rape as a preferred method of childbirth.)

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    • Thanks for the post.

      The GOP will have a terrible time of moderation. They are are bizarre coalition: rich people, cynically using religious people for their own political gain.

      The message of God and Country resonate so soundly with religious zealots, that they are willing to ignore how detrimental all GOP economic policies are for themselves, in order to hear the No Abortion, Prayer in Schools, and racist, xenophobic code phrases that validates their own bigotry.

      Once the GOP stops Bible thumping, and GOP candidates come out pro-choice and socially progressive, what will the religious base do?

      Will they still look at the half empty glass and say, "Yes, I'm not going to get my religious claptrap forced down the country's throat, but still, I'm willing to destroy social security and medicare and go along with GOP policies, even if they are bad for me."

      That doesn't make sense.

      To take it a step further, religious zealots believe implementation of their far-out, fascist agenda is a requirement for salvation. Israel must be destroyed, or not-destroyed or whatever Old Testament, or Revelations or Book of Mormon kooky, poorly written apocalyptic vision requires.

      These 'end times' occurrences must take place, or Jesus will NOT come back.

      People live, eat, sleep, and rise with these nut-bag ideas foremost in the their minds. Will they cling to the GOP, thinking that in secret, the GOP will still do what is required for Armageddon to occur?

      It will be interesting to see.

      • 2 Replies to billyliar66
      • What I shake my head about are ridiculous statements like the republicans are all rich. Really? Half of the voters who register an affiliation with a party are republican, while only 1% of the population are considered rich. Can you do math? At all? There are plenty of middle class folks who are republicans. And we now know that at least 7% of the black population are not racist and are really concerned about the future of the country as well. Interesting how dems like to call rich white people racists because they disagree with just about everything our arrogant president stands for. Well, at least we know that 41% of white people voted for him. I guess it isn't the white folks who are racist after all? There is racism here, just not from white people.

      • are a zealot your party....not any different than those kooky religious are what you hate.

    • lang,

      Unlike the landslide in 2008 when Barry's victory was called by all networks at 8:00pm PT, the earliest call was made by NBC first around 8:15pm, CBS next and Fox last. So it was hard to pin down where one was when "the call" was definitive.

      And more importantly, it was not POTUS race that was momentous in 2012 but how GOP screwed up the Senate, instead of winning seats, they lost big.

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