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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Nov 28, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    lol.....i was wrong


    I counted Carl, Hurd, Lah-O, Meg ... how did you get 7?

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    • Cap'n Carly did the most damage. When she steered HP INTO the iceberg, all the Rats jumped IN and took over the Co.
      No way out since then.
      Wall Street mandarins have been using HP as a "shell" to suck in pension fund assets ever since.
      I sense that they now are beginning to think that their asset-stripping shell is now surplus to requirements. Lord help those who kid themselves it's worth anything at all!
      Same sort of "investor" who thought that DEC, Compaq, Autonomy were actually worth anything in REAL money when they hit the buffers......

      Just like snake oil, there's always a few mugs who shout out "I'll take some".
      ........fortunately for the Mandarins!!!!

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