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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Nov 29, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Dems Gain 8 Seats in House, On Track to Take Over by 2016


    More bad news for the GOP. Also, seems all younger voters are more liberal than the existing crop of crotchety, unhappy voters.

    It may mean either the GOP moves away from wacky right wing ideas, or the GOP ceases to be a political force in the US.

    I like the latter.

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    • The GOP lost the House popular vote; only gerrymandering gave them the majority. From the WaPo's "The Fix" blog:

      "Democratic House candidates appear to have won more of the popular vote than their Republican counterparts on Tuesday, despite what looks as though it will be a 35-seat GOP majority.

      "According to numbers compiled by the Post’s great Dan Keating, Democrats have won roughly 48.8 percent of the House vote, compared to 48.47 percent for Republicans.

      "Despite losing the popular vote, Republicans are set to have their second-biggest House majority in 60 years and their third-biggest since the Great Depression.

      "The numbers seem to back up what we’ve been talking about on this blog for a while: Redistricting drew such a GOP-friendly map that, in a neutral environment, Republicans have an inherent advantage."

    • keep dreaming loserboy. By the time 2016 comes, GAYS and Women will be begging for conservative leadership. Even TAKERS like you will be voting for conservatives.

      Your HPQ shares will be under $5 by then.

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