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  • truelyright truelyright Dec 3, 2012 12:43 AM Flag

    re:"Nuthin' is free."

    Hey sparky springster,

    I'm sure that you will never, ever, understand this, but not everyone is just like you.

    Not everyone thinks that he must screw over everyone else to get his, as you do.

    Now everyone thinks about how to sell everyone else out, first thing in the morning, as you do.

    Not everyone complains bitterly about those who pay no taxes, and at the same time about any attempt to raise their taxes, as you do.

    Not everyone continually feeds off everyone else, as you do.

    Not everyone is unwilling to pay their share or to support their country, as you do.

    Not everyone thinks that only they deal in facts, when, in fact, they seldom consider any facts, as you do.

    Not everyone deals in personal attacks, when they don't understand the subject and can't handle the logic, as you do.

    Not everyone thinks that people are stupid simply because of their race or the language they speak, as you do.

    Not everyone thinks that we can't possibly fix our national financial problems, if we simply decide to do it and get to work on it, as you do.

    No Sparky, thankfully, not everyone is like you. There may still be hope for our country.

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