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  • ageneralnusiance ageneralnusiance Dec 4, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    Arab spring...just one of oodles of obama epic failures

    I guess the b-hood couldn't wait for the signal from O before taking over. Now we have swapped a non-secular dictator for a secular dictator....who is in fact an enemy....nice work that!

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    • Just what exactly is the President supposed to do about Egypt? Moursi was elected in the freeest election Egypt has ever had. If the US intervened, the Egyptian public would rally behind him the same way the US public rallied behind Dubya after the attack on 9/11.

      And if it is middle-eastern policy failures you want to talk about, Dubya's incredibly stupid invasion of Iraq, which replaced Iran's worst enemy with Iran's new best friend, is Number 1 on the list.

    • I know! You'd think we would have learned a lesson when we let the Ayatollah take over from the Shah. We know how to control who becomes the leader of every foreign country -- we simply lack the will.

    • Come on now. Do you really want to interupt Obama's golf game for something as trivial (in his mind) as the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt? Besides to acknowledge it by taking any action would be an admission he was wrong on this. It's easier for him to go out and play golf ignoring and pretending it isn''t happening. The press will cover for him. Hey the Will and Kate are pregant. that's far more important according to the liberal press that is covering it more than what is happening Egypt.

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      • Betty's silence is deafening. (_|_) wants to talk about records...lets look at obamas....we have doubled the debt, failed to create jobs (unless you believe the drone mantra), turned egypt over to the enemy, killed coal, gave money we didn't have to the "poor" who as a family of 4 making 29k actually make 69k with govt benefits while someone making 69k gets a tad less than that....creating a society of socialist beggars rather than a society of motivated workers. I could gone on...but those are the highlights of the one that 18 - 29 year olds supported hands down because they want free college and contraception while it is obvious they got no education there.

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