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  • sstail94 sstail94 Dec 5, 2012 11:03 AM Flag

    Re: Re: Vote Slaves


    Detroit isn't a one industry town. I live in in what is considered the Metro Detroit Area. I've witnessed the decline of the city and I know why it's declined. A succession of Liberal Democratic Regimes that have never been able to live within a budget and caved into to every Union City workers could conceive of. Add to it government corruption and you have a recipe for failure.

    It's obvious you've never been here. You have the typical misconceptions and prejudices that people like you have. Why go to CA? Why go where taxes and labor laws cost you more? Hp left CA as a result and became a Delaware company.

    As I said - take note - it's what YOU voted for. Leadership that thinks they can tax and spend their way out of a problem. Obama is from that mold - and you voted him in.

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    • sst,

      Think you have the answers to why go where taxes and labor laws cost you more: we also get higher compensation and governmental services. Money well spent.

      Recall many many moons ago, one of my friend and colleague sold his CA home and moved East for another well paid job. Ever since, whenever we met in conferences, he would shake his head and said it was a mistake. He was referring to never able to afford the same house again. He was paying less than 4X his salary for the price of his old CA home then. Today, he'll need to pay about 20X assuming a typical salary of $125K a year.

    • Do you remember that spoof-movie from the '70's called THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE? In one of the spoofs enemy secret agents captured an American spy. They threatened this guy with all kinds of extreme tortures to make him reveal information, but he didn't bat an eye. He kept saying, "You don't scare me. I'm trained to withstand torture."

      Finally, the head of the enemy's intelligence agency said, "If this guy doesn't talk by five o'clock, put him on the evening flight to Detroit."

      Upon hearing that the American spy broke down completely and started "singing like a mockingbird." Sending a person to Detroit was an horrific torture even way back then. It's probably even worse now.

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