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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Dec 6, 2012 9:47 AM Flag

    Hats off to the citizens in Red States

    Must be mostly millionaires living in 'em states:

    "Republican leaders in the House of Representatives insist that raising tax rates on the rich is a no-go"

    Screw those middle class working stiffs in the blue states. We millionaires in the red states must keep the 2002/2003 tax cuts to maintain our living style.

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    • That has always puzzled me too. You'd think the Blue State Congresspersons would be least in favor of raising taxes, because a "progressive" income tax makes the people in high-cost, high-income states liable for more taxes than low-income people in low-income Red States.

      And imagine how much greater the disparity is going to be if they reach an agreement to cap deductions! Blue State tax payers itemize their returns a whole lot more than Red Staters due to mortgages and state/local taxes being so much higher in Blue States. And yet here are the Blue States, who whine all the time about "not getting our money's worth on the taxes we pay", rooting to exacerbate the very tax discrepancies that they complain about all the time!

      Now WHY is THAT?

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      • Hi Lang. It's good to see you here again!

        I've though about that same issue. Why would blue staters want to increase their own taxes, bt red staters don't?

        I think that it's due to a basic philosophical difference between blue staters and red staters. The blue state philosophy appears to be that we are a better and stronger country if we ALL have good safe jobs, good health carer, and a good education. and they are all willing to work together to make sure that that happens.

        Red staters, however, think it more important to be self-sufficient, to support yourself, without help from anyone else. For them they only want the education and health care that they can provide for themselves, and they don't wan to have to help anyone else. For them, the country is stronger if everyone does what they want, whenever they want, with no interference or help from others.

        It's a basic philosophical difference.

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      • lang,

        The blue states citizens do not whine all the time about the fact that red states citizens took over sized handouts from the fed. Proof: CA has just voted to raise tax rates for the rich and state sales tax. We eat our own cooking, unlike you know who.

    • The make or break of any economy is the middle class. If the middle class goes into hard times the economy goes onto hard time. The very rich do very little to help the economy most are just concerned in increasing their welt and don’t care about the common folks. Why some people on this board are in favour of not increasing the portion of tax’s paid by the very rich does not jive because I doubt they are part of the very rich.

    • 52% taxes in the people's republic of ca - bet that turns your state right around. May need to put up more fences, though - think "Eastern border".

      Where's your Reagan chart, do I have to make my own? 500K new jobless, unadjusted - a low, low 370K with the best magic the BLS has.. Added a half million to continuing benefits, in 1 week - 3.3 million and growing. Barry's working some magic.

      These are great numbers, shocked you're not posting them on your own.

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