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  • zeltxe zeltxe Dec 9, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    A 35 hour/week employee gets hours wacked to 25/week

    So that the employer avoids ObowMao care. Employee gets a second job @ 10 hours per week.

    A job was "created"....and the unemployment rate falls.

    See the #$%$ scam? Communists hate the middle class

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    • zeltxe, sstail94, sprinster,... Why do you need so many IDs? Are you insecure or just plain dishonest?

    • According to your story, it sounds much more like it's that employer who hates the middle class, assuming that that employee is still a member of the middle class. Isn't it the employer who is working that employee to death, and who will throw him out as soon as he gets sick, without a though about anything but his own profit?

    • Health insurance shouldn't be dependent on the whim of the employer. We need single-payer, now!

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      • I'm sure this wasn't "reported" on Fox News For Inbred Chumps but the first companies that did this are already apologizing to their own investors for it.

        (Hint: Chain Restaurants have never been very good people to work for regardless.)

        December 5, 2012
        NEW YORK -- The owner of Olive Garden and Red Lobster says it won't bump any full-time workers down to part-time status, after its tests aimed at limiting health care costs resulted in a publicity backlash that took a bite out of sales.

        At the same time, Darden Restaurants Inc. isn't ruling out relying more heavily on part-timers over the long haul.

        The company, based in Orlando, Fla., is set to announce Thursday that none of its current full-time employees will have their status changed as a result of the new regulations. The move will come just two days after the company lowered its profit outlook for the year, citing failed promotions and negative publicity from its tests that used more part-time employees.

      • Yea, yeaaaa...that's the ticket. A full marxist takeover of the entire health care system. Socialized medicine has worked out sooooooo well all over the

        What we need is to get the guv't OUT OF the healthcare system.....and have a TRUE free market system.

        Anything a central command/control gov't touches... explodes the cost...and eventually goes bankrupt.

        Some recent examples:

        Social (in)"Security"
        US Postal System........

        Shall I go on????????

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