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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Dec 28, 2012 11:50 PM Flag

    Over the Cliff: 100% GOP Fault


    Interesting. Taxes go up, Spending goes down, the government gets billions in new revenue. May hurt for a bit, but people will see we can cut the Pentagon, and Somalis in speedboats will not attack us.

    Jobs will not drop dramatically, and the world will not end if rich people actually pay as much in taxes as poor working people do.

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    • fiscal cliff is a manufactured 'crisis'. quit giving #$%$ money out of our pockets. cut spending.

    • but for 'billions in new revenue'.....correct in every other the fiscal cliff budget/tax issue is over a ten (10) year period, it would add trillions, not billions in new revenue.....probably a fact most overlook......but significant in any case.....

      i personally think it's probably best, if all of us pay more taxes.....which will underscore the truth, which is, the 'middle class' has experienced flat-to-lower earnings growth over the last ten (10) years relative to the so-called two percent (2%).......something the 'ruling class' would rather not be widely recognized.....

    • "fair share" is just as #$%$ as redistribution!!

      Top 10% (Income Split Point $113,799) Paid 69.94% of Federal Individual Income Taxes
      Top 25% (Income Split Point $67,280) Paid 86.34% of Federal Individual Income Taxes
      Top 50% (Income Split Point $33,048) Paid 97.30% of Federal Individual Income Taxes
      Bottom 50% (Anyone Making Less Than $33,048) Paid 2.7% of Federal Individual Income Taxes

    • Those 'rich' people just voted themselves a pay the taxpayer's expense. The whole lot of them need to go.

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