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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Feb 24, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Obama's Brilliance: Who Gets Hurt By Sequester?


    Some of the first: Air Traffic Control and Meat Inspectors. Long flight delays and skyrocketing meat prices and meat shortages will be blamed on the GOP. People won't forget!

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    • Nobody gets hurt when the US Feds live to learn within their means like all American families must do. This isn't a real cut in spending just a small reduction in the growth of spending. To get back to 10 years level of Fed spending the US would need to trim $1 trillion or more from their budget. We are talking about 58 billion which is 5 % of what is needed. Out of control Fed spending, wars that nobody pays for, food stamps and unemployment for work eligible people, hands out, obama phones, that's what Obama's followers want. They push the debt onto the middle classes and we've had enough ! Let the sequester go through, and let's get even more cuts from the bloated Federal bureaucracy !

    • The people most hurt by the sequester are the residents of states that are net recipients of federal funds, i.e., states in which federal payments in exceed federal taxes out. Not surprisingly, virtually all of those states are so-called "red" states. Residents of "blue" states, who send more money to Washington in taxes than they get back in payments will be relatively better off, though they will also suffer. States with large defense establishments like South Carolina will feel the pinch tremendously as mandatory defense spending cuts kick in. If you are a Red State Senator or Representative, good luck explaining to your newly out-of-work constituents why you refused to cut a deal that would have saved their jobs.

      Somebody one wrote that nobody even went broke betting on the stupidity of Congress. If this thing goes forward, the truth of that observation will once again be borne out.

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