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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Mar 6, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    Was G.W. The Smartest Of The Bush Boys?

    As Jeb stumbles and fumbles his first outing of the 2016 Presidential season, he has permanently lost a key positive: No one will ever believe him on immigration.

    He has chopped and diced, flipped, and flopped and in conclusion, has no reliable position on immigration.

    He sounds as stupid as G.W. in content, but has better elocution, that isn't hard though.

    It will be months of pure enjoyment to see Hilary Clinton mop the floor in state after state with the stumble bum Jeb Bush. I guess all that coke he and W did shorted out too many synapses.

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    • What we do know is you are the dumbest of the betty girls. Was your trailer reposessed yet?

    • Tony Blair understood how STUPID the worthless cokehead piece of $nit Bush was.

      The contempt shown by other countries for the uncultured Bush is impossible to overestimate.

      When Bush was in conference with Tony blair he said, "The problem with the French is that their language has no word for entrepreneur!", and an aide to Blair released this marvelous Bushism as soon as bush left England.

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