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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Apr 16, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Benefits of the Arkansas Tar Sands Spill For Homeowners

    1) you don't have to seal coat your driveway this year
    2) kills lawn grubs forever
    3) lawnmower automatically lubricated while you mow
    4) keeps neighbors pets off your property
    5) you can pretend your "Jed Clampett" and its 'bubbling crude"

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    • You forgot that the ignorant rubes will get to pay MORE for their gasoline!

      Gas prices: Keystone XL will increase gas prices for Americans—Especially Farmers

      By draining Midwestern refineries of cheap Canadian crude into export-oriented refineries in the Gulf Coast, Keystone XL will increase the cost of gas for Americans.

      TransCanada’s 2008 Permit Application states “Existing markets for Canadian heavy crude, principally PADD II [U.S. Midwest], are currently oversupplied, resulting in price discounting for Canadian heavy crude oil. Access to the USGC [U.S. Gulf Coast] via the Keystone XL Pipeline is expected to strengthen Canadian crude oil pricing in [the Midwest] by removing this oversupply. This is expected to increase the price of heavy crude to the equivalent cost of imported crude.

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