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  • jacklemon_rip jacklemon_rip Apr 18, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    I was so happy yesterday watching President Obama

    As he acted like a mad petulant child that he is 'cause he didn't get his way on the gun law vote. Did you hear him whining? Oh it was so amusing watching his immature rant. So funny and so entertaining. A very good reveal of who this man really is. Pathetic

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    • I am even happier today as I watched president Obama have another temper tantrum. It is so much fun watching him fume over losing the vote on his gun control bill Not even his own party supported it! Now that has to hurt! His own kind are not even supporting his bill, especially now that we find it is radical Islamist who set off those bombs in Boston. Poor liberals, they were hoping it was an American white conservative group. Too bad. Now the gun control law is out the window.

    • I wasn't so happy as gleeful watching Obama angrily whining about the defeat of his bill. Not even his own party voted for it! What a loser. The façade is coming off and people the low information voters are starting to see through this incompetent fool. His foreign policy is #$%$. He thought he if went around the graveled, bowed, and apologized to everyone in the world they would play nice with us. Just as we conservative predicted it didn’t work. How naïve you liberals are. You always learn the hard way. His domestic economic policies are #$%$ with slow barely 1% growth from spending trillions on stimulus and QE for what…. Barely out of recession, millions still unemployed. If only Obama had another 17 trillion and 20 more years he could fix it then couldn’t he.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • To celebrate not passing his gun control measures, President first week peace prize is putting more boots on the ground in where - jordan? North Africa? Everywhere?

      Philly Fed data is horrible, so get ready for something to talk about besides the economy for another couple months.

    • Read your #$%$. Now that’s pathetic

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