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  • rahtexas12 rahtexas12 Apr 25, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    UN Official Richard Falk Justifies Boston Bombings as ‘Retribution’, Blames America & ‘Tel Aviv’

    Richard Falk who is an American far left liberal and is also a professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University claims the reasons for the Boston marathon bombings is because of the United States' superpower status and Washington's policy on Israel. He wrote about the attacks in a recent foreign policy journal that quote: "the American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world." Falk who is well known for his anti Israel and anti-Semitic statements often makes his statements on such websites as the Liberal Democratic Friends for Palestine that repeatedly attacks Israel while defendikng Hamas. He compares the Hamas terrorists to French resistance fighters during World War II. One recent quote from Falk warns of "worse blowbacks," says “Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return”
    This man definitely appears to be another far left liberal who is an America hater. And,… is not too happy with President Obama either. He accuses Obama of "succumbing to the Beltway ethos of Israel first."
    Anyone of you liberals out there want to condemn what this man said or do you whole heartedly support his thoughts on this subject?
    I thought Obama’s policies were going to end all of this and HIS polices were going get our other countries to like us and show them we were not threat. Hummmmmm… I guess it did not work out like he imaged. Another idealistic far left liberal gets a dose of reality. Not to mention another failed policy from our President. One of many for this president. And this morning I was made aware that during Bush’s Presidency after 911, there were no successful terrorists attacks made on this country. In the first 4 ½ years of Obama’s Presidency there have been no less than 5 successful attacks made on this country. It definitely looks like Obama is giving too much attention to his pet projects and not national security. Pretty obvious when the man won't even admit there is any terrosism at all

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    • As the saying goes, "Even the Devil can cite Scripture." You may not like Falk's politics, but his statement that American support for Israel is a motive in many of the jihadist attacks is hard to disagree with. American support for Israel comes at a cost. It's a cost that most of us are quite willing to pay, but there's no point in denying its reality.

      Similarly, revenge for American drone strikes is--according to reports in the press--a motive for the actions of the Boston bombers. Whether those press reports are true or not, it is certainly true that some jihadists have that motive.

      In other words, you don't have to endorse Falk's politics to agree with at least some of his statements.

      As for your remarks about President Obama, they are borderline silly. Even Bibi Netanyahu, who doesn't like Barack Obama, admits that he has been a stauch supporter of Israel. And Obama has been far more aggressive than Bush ever was in in finding and killing jihadist leaders, starting with bin Laden. Indeed, it's the very success of the targeted killing of Al qaida leaders that has given at least some jihadists a motive for trying to strike at us.

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      • Somehow you got yourself off into the weeds. There is nothing in my statement referring to Obama's support good or bad for Israel. AS usual people like you are looking the wrong way. As far as his handling of foreign policy and our security the evidence is there for all to see that it has been a failure to date. His policies have changed nothing for the better. In fact things are now worse then befroe he started. And if the Israeli PM said that about Obama it was purely political. I doubt seriously he believed what he said. It was expedient to make that statement.

      • Clueless as usual. I completely disagree with it living next to a bunch of Egyptians that know jihadists and disagree with them. He is completely FOS.

      • Prior to Israel, what has been the reason for the Islamic world's action against the West ... the 1200 years prior to the 1900s?

        To some extent Lebanon was broken off of Assyria the same way Jewish Palestine was broken off of "Palestine" (Islamic portion now Jordan). There is not equal treatment of Christians and Jews under Islamic law. Lebanon became a better place for Christians and Jewish Palestine (leading to lsrael) the Jewish state and a better place for Jews, than under Islamic governments. You don't have to wonder too much why Israel is singled out "first" rather than Lebanon. Do think for a minute that if Israel wasn't an issue, the Islamic approach to the West would change ... we'd just be next.

      • Is that why Muzlims sided with Hitler?

    • This guy appears to enjoy his 1st Amendment rights....I wonder how he feels on the 2nd.

    • Governor Refuses Release of Welfare Records; Cites Bombers' Right to Privacy

      The Patrick administration clamped down the lid yesterday on requests for details of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's government benefits, citing the dead terror murderer 's right to privacy.

    • rah, How's this translates to justifying the Boston Marathon incident?

      "the American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world."

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      • I appreciate your response Unc.. You seem to be the only liberal hre with the courage to respond. I think it will require you to think a little more deeply about what Falk is saying in his statement to understand and put it into context with his other statements. I won't answer it for you. It's pretty obvious to me and others here what he means. You will have to figure it out for yourself Unc to really learn the lesson. Try thinking outside the box. It will require an opne mind.

        My question back to you is do you support what this man says?

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