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  • zeltxe zeltxe Jun 25, 2013 6:08 AM Flag

    76% of US Citizens Live Paycheck to Paycheck - Oduma to skyrocket utility prices again

    This cocktail socialistPOS doesn't give a sheet about poor people.....he's going to "solve" the HOAX of "human-caused" global warming.


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    • Of course most people live paycheck to paycheck. Why else would anybody go to work?

      • 2 Replies to langosta_fla
      • That was a very ignorant and dumb statement on your part lang. Either you have never known what it is like to live beyond paycheck to paycheck or you just don’t understand what paycheck to paycheck means. Either way this certainly puts you in the low information voter category. Congratulations.

      • I can't afford to live this way
        I barely live off what I make
        Running round for money
        Begging on my knees
        Living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck to paycheck

        I'm broke, broke as a joke
        Thinking 'bout moving back in with my folks
        Walked away from my house note
        Watched my bank account go up in smoke

        In a mess with the IRS,
        Still watching my movies on the VHS
        God bless America
        I'm a gangsta thanks to ya

        I shoulda been a baller, shot-caller
        But I'm just blue collar
        I got my job in Georgia
        Tryin' to get a piece of that peach cobbler

        Chasing down that paper
        Need a money-maker

        I spent my life lookin' for a discount
        Now I thank God for the handout

        3 sweaters, a coat, can't keep my heat on
        I got nothing eat on
        Never heard of vacation
        I think they give those away on the radio station

        Work my fingers to the bone
        No days off and I ain't comin home
        I got a piece a paper in the mail today
        Said I still got a balance that I got to pay

    • The number is 80% everywhere


      Game rule never changes

      This is not a free country

      Hard working and be smart


    • I heard the same thing this morning. Not a good sign for a great recovery, at least for the middle class and working class people. Aren't these suppose to be the bread and butter of support for Obama? Hummmm.... low information voters I guess, most of them.

    • zeltxe, What's new? The income inequality since Reagan's tax hike on the middle class has been sending the middle class to the poor class. The 2002/2003 and the Great Recession of 2007/2009 have accelerated the dire change, so much that nearly 50% of Americans do not pay FIT though they were still saddled with FICA and sales taxes, money they hardly can afford in order to provide tax loop holes for the oligarchs and corporations.

      Shame on the obstructionists for doing nuthin to equalize the playing field between the rich and poor.

    • According to bettyunc everyone is doing great....making more money. Oh...and they still want to pass some more stimulus bills. Everything is great....just long as they think they can keep spending other people's money.

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