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  • rahtexas12 rahtexas12 Sep 6, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    who is the liar here?

    One thing about liars is they tend to respond with overwrought indignation when you call them out. Such is the case with John Kerry when outed for lying about his military career. Kerry has always had problems with lying and the chronology of events surrounding his life and times. For instance he claims Nixon sent him to Cambodia in December 1968. That was before Nixon was even in office. And now even the Wall Street Journal is stating that Kerry is reinventing an alternate 1985 that would make Biff from Back To The Future proud.

    Senator Duncan is also challenging Kerry's professional history stating that Kerry has never "advocated for anything other than caution when involving U.S. forces in past conflicts."

    Kerry said he supported the Grenada invasion when he was in the United States Senate? But the Grenada invasion occurred in 1983 before Kerry became a senator in 1985. You might say he was confused but that doesn't work because of the following statement made by him at the time: "The invasion of Grenada represents the Reagan policy of substituting public relations for diplomatic relations . . . no substantial threat to US interests existed and American lives were not endangered . . . The invasion represented a bully's show of force against a weak Third World nation. The invasion only served to heighten world tensions and further strain brittle US/Soviet and North/South relations."

    Who do I believe in all of this, not John Kerry. He is a proven liar Like Obama.

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