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  • hfgc_98 hfgc_98 Oct 6, 1999 7:08 AM Flag


    nstitutional investors will not buy them, because they don't
    have good products, good earning and good

    Best way to make money is to buy right stocks at right
    time. Follow those good stocks, which have good
    products, good earning and good future ( MSFT, CSCO,
    Right time is to wait until they drop at least 15% then
    buy it. If you bought right stock but wrong time at
    peak you will still lose money. If you bought MSFT at
    100, INTC 89, HWP 116, AOL 170, you are still losing
    money. If you bought them at bottom you will make money.
    When MSFT dropped to 82, I bought it. I was not able
    to buy it at lowest at 81 5/8, but 82 was good
    enough. I sold at 95 in just 2 weeks .

    Now HWP is
    a big bargain. Price dropped from 116 to 83 in a
    short period of time. P/E is only 25. (MSFT P/E = 65 ,
    DELL = 70 , CSCO = 116, LU 73) HWP is a good decent
    company with good product, good earning and good future.
    Temporary problem due to Taiwan earthquake will be over
    soon. Good company, low P/E means correction is enough.
    HWP is the right stock, right time to buy.

    Almost all PCs use Microsoft Window system.
    all hospitals in the U.S and Canada and many
    hospitals in the world use HWP color Doppler ultrasound
    equipment. Next time if you go to hospital, if you pay
    attention, you will find all ultrasound machine are made by

    1. These state of art machines can
    accurately, non-invasively diagnose congenital heart disease
    such as atrial septal defect, ventricular septal
    defect, mitral, pulmonary or aortic valve stenosis and
    regurgitation, endocarditis, heart failure, thoracic or
    abdominal aortic aneurysm, cardiomyopathy, pericardial
    effusion and so on.
    2. These state of art machines can
    accurately, non-invasively check fetus in pregnant women,
    ectopic pregnancy or placenta problems.
    3. These state
    of art machines can accurately, non-invasively
    diagnose carotid artery stenosis, leg deep venous

    Because its cutting edge technology, HWP becomes the only
    major company in the U.S. making these equipment. Every
    hospital need at least 3 of these machines, one for heart,
    one for pregnant women, and one for vascular clot.
    Major large medical center need at least 10 of them.
    Each machine costs � million. There are several
    thousand hospitals in the U.S, not even mention the whole
    world. That is a huge fixed revenue for HWP year after
    year. So far no other companies in the U.S. are able to
    challenge HWP. Most companies went out of the business.

    HWP is more than a just computer company like DELL,
    CPQ. Current problem due to Taiwan earthquake is
    temporary. HWP has already dropped from >114 to 83 within
    1 month. As I mentioned above, HWP's fundamentals
    should be always strong because Doppler ultrasound
    machine can bring them lots of money year after

    2 weeks ago, when AOL dropped to 82, I set 79 to
    buy. Tuesday, AOL went up to 87. Now it is 113 �. If I
    set a market order, I would be able to buy it at 81,
    or 82. If AOL further drop a little, it would not be
    much, because it already dropped too fast and too

    I sold some of my DELL and YHOO yesterday
    and bought more HWP because HWP is at its bottom and
    has more potential to go up big. Institutional
    investors know HWP is a good company, just wait for a
    bargain to rush in to buy. Now it has bottomed and
    started to go up. They will rush to buy HWP soon.

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    • Well I was right on first part, now lets hope I was right about the pm being the comeback kid scenario...

    • No sooner had I posted my last message, when I
      checked my
      real-time quotes and found IBM down by
      over 3 and HWP following
      suit, down by 2. I hope
      this is just a brief bout of
      profit-taking for HP.
      This market is certainly jittery.

    • Ah, all is well on the HWP board. So far IBM
      seems unaffected by
      the comment that their server
      business is slowing:

      >>BB Robertson Stephens
      analyst Dan Niles said Thursday that he
      weakness in its server business, along with softer

      >>software sales. Niles' "long-term attractive" rating was


      But this may throw a curve at HP as well, just
      depends on if this
      is some IBM-specific occurrance. I
      don't know the cause.

    • The board is starting in a proper manner today.
      OC I agree. Today may see some profit taking in the
      am and up for the day by close. Couple of percent
      would be nice way to wrap day.... I see IBM has had
      some negative comments on it's server business also.
      This may be the gotcha for the day. Hope not...

    • she is a scratch golfer and this is a play to get a little caysh on the table....besides...what a better way to start off your tenure than exceed expectations

    • I don't honestly think it is a good idea to short
      HWP now. Wait
      until it gets up to the mid-90s.
      HWP just turned around and has
      some room to run.
      Also, you will want to cover prior to the EA,

      because I still think that Carly may have been bluffing

    • Down 6% yesterday. Crying all the way to the
      bank. Will short more at the open. Greatest shorting
      oportunity of a Dow stock that I have ever seen. Check out
      Dell for some real blood over the next few weeks.

    • <EOM>

    • Any implied consent or disagreement with prior
      management is
      your own. I happen to think Lew Platt was a
      leader and had a
      clearly defined vision for the
      direction of HP. He, like Ms.
      Fiorinna are saddled with
      a difficult problem set. To whit,
      a culture that
      rewards risk avoidance and values consensus
      leadership. Before you label me a VSI malcontent,
      keep this in mind. My personal association with HP
      goes back
      to 1971, my families to 1959. I do
      believe in HP, both as a
      former employee with fond
      memories and in a financial sense.

      That being
      said, HP is in trouble. I would strongly
      that anyone seeking to understand the nature of this
      trouble pick
      up a book by Pat Carroll titled Big
      Blues. Chapters 1-12 tell the
      story of missed
      opportunities, Chapter 16 gives some insight into
      how VSI
      might change to involuntary severance. I would hate
      see HP make similar mistakes. The "Executive
      Committee" gives me
      the chills though.

      HP is a
      fine company with a promising future. The Agilent
      off allows T&M to do what they have always done well
      by the Computing and Imagery side. HP CAN be the
      leader in the E-
      commerce business if it chooses to.
      But like God said to the
      dinosaurs...evolve or
      die! I hope the former. were
      very kind to Nas...I still think he is an
      ass, but
      I regret the comment I made about his



    • When are earnings expected to be announced?

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