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  • captncaptn captncaptn May 26, 2006 1:03 PM Flag


    I was just telling someone how this board kept to the topic at hand. Fighting is already breaking out.

    If someone is bugging you-put them on ignore. Just my two cents worth.


    So far today not bad after the runup yesterday.
    My other stocks up today.

    Have a great weekend everybody-and please remember those that gave their lives for us. I an NOT a veteran-but I fully appreciate everyone that has/or will serve our country.

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    • Hi Steve,

      Well-looks like I will be asking YOU questions. grin

      Glad to know you have been investing for such a long period of time. I retired [teacher] two years ago. Thus I am a newbie at investing. Started my IRA at age 35-now trying to get it up where I am comfortable with it.


    • Captn,

      Started investing with stocks in 1970. I have moved money in and out of real estate,small business investment's,retirement plans and stocks.

      Retired last May and intend to play the market with a small cash position and two Roth Ira's.Added ZUMZ as a position in the Ira.Looks to be a great long-term hold with 30% + growth and a cash cow for expanshion,Steve

    • Hi Mykatieb,

      Just be advised I DO NOT know much about stocks. I have been investing only two years on my own.

      However I do know for sure this company is in extremely capable hands. With that knowledge I think this stock should do very well.


    • Captn.

      Your posts are great,along with a few others on this board.

      Found this company in March and added a position in my wife's Roth.

      Thank's for all the info,LTBH. Steve.

    • Am I correct in assuming that you are indicating you think my posts are OK. I am almost sure of that but just checking. Hey-I killed a couple brain cells yesterday-have not done that in some time-so pardon my lulls of fuzzy thinking.


      P.S. I was most happy to see only chipping away at the stock price after our nice little runup.
      However-I am in for the long term-as this company should have great growth-thus not too concerned about daily flucuations but rather graphs that extend into months. And of course if you read my other notes from the past it is easy to determine why I think those that run the company will do a great job.

    • -2000, Every board is like a deck of cards, duce to the ace!You and Captn are the ace's who have found the Joker in this deck.With post's like, (SOS-SOS This stock is sinking!)is not the T/A of a serious long term investor.Good Luck,LTBH Zumz.Steve

    • d - it is a shame, oscar ruined it with his opinion of me so I put the pussy on ignor, his buddy mac and surfcheck! 3 morons I have no need for, and, who have no clue about what Zumiez is doing! You on the other hand are intelligent and have some knowledge. I will share my pre-lim board with you or anyone who appreciates it. These kind of guys are hungry and broke and can't express themselves intelligently, or stick to the facts. MONKEYS!

      Stay well d


      • 2 Replies to stephencorwin_2000
      • SC....?

        Is that Mellon?

        If it makes no sense, sorry for the bother.

      • stephencorwin_2000,

        I've been here since message #2 and have a fairly large position in ZUMZ. [Over 4000 shares]. From the S-1 to the Q's, K's and CC's I have read or listened to every one and although you may not agree, I and possibly others might agree that I have a fairly cogent insight and analysis into what ZUMZ is about and where they are headed.

        I don't really care if ZUMZ is at $27 or $37 or $47 by the end of the week, all I really care about is that ZUMZ is a 5 to 10 bagger years down the road.

        As far as Oscar goes, you can ignore him or not. He's a character and a trader who likes to discuss pretty much anything but ZUMZ. I have certainly made more requests along those lines then anyone else here. On the rare occasions that I do post off-topic I try diligently to mark such topics as such with an OT.

        If your feelings are hurt easily I wouldn't recommend posting on message boards at all, and if you're looking for savvy investment advice I would say that 95% of what is posted on Yahoo Finance (and that would surely include your posts) is along the lines of:
        [1] ZUMZ to the moon.
        [2] Shorts burn.
        [3] The price is too high and I'm jumping out.
        [4] I'm going to kill my broker because I bought at $34 and got stopped out at $30.

        If however, your investment horizon lasts more then a few weeks, ZUMZ has proven so far to be the quintessential Peter Lynch type of growth stock that will hopefully reward those patient enough to stay the course. The rest depends on you.

        Best of luck
        Mac out.

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