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  • nancylynn_89701 nancylynn_89701 Sep 16, 2008 6:55 PM Flag

    merrill lynch

    Merrill Lynch owns a very large amt of RQI shares.
    If BAC buys RQI will they be dumping shares of
    RQI on the market?
    The dividend for OCT NOV & SEPT has not posted.
    It usually posts by the 12th day of the quarter.
    Is there going to be a dramatic change due to Lehman and
    Morgan Stanley failures?
    Most of the comments on the board sound like company i am not expecting much.
    i will call them tomorrow in any case.

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    • I called c & s this morining.
      They had a meeting yesterday ..and the dividend info
      will be out in the next few days..that's all I could get.
      it would be nice if they could leave it where it is..but given the 'meeting' and the absence of informatiom so far,
      I gather we could possibly be in for a dividend reduction.
      i would rather they give up the cap gain and leave the dividend alone.
      you need to call 1 800 330 7348 and punch in option 2
      even if you are not a broker.

      Phone Rep said Merrill Lynch will operate as a separate entitiy
      under Bank of America and keep their name and some

      i am not a political activist..and normally leave
      people alone about politics but
      even if you are a conservative republican, please don't
      elect john mccain...he hasn't a clue about the economy.
      i am not so fond of the clintons but they do understand how to run a modern now i hope obama wins and he taps them and other more responsible people who know
      how to right this sinking ship.
      Don't worry about taxes on capitol gains..that's small potatoes..worry about carrying dollar bills in a wheelbarrow to buy a loaf of bread...

    • The latest problem is office REITS in NYC. LEH has 2.2 million sf in NYC. Vacancy rate is rising. Rents will go down. Of course other types of REITS will have problems too, if the recession gets deeper.

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      • Back to Merrill lynch sorry i even mentioned politics

        Merrill Lynch owns (owned?) 2,326,658 shares of RQI.
        Today VTR and VNO are up (well at present)but RQI is
        still tanking ..even tho its largest holdings are
        in the green...
        Is Merrill unwinding their position everyday no matter
        what the market value of RQI stocks. Office reits
        may be going down but Vornado is up over 2 pts at present.
        ( anyway VNO is invested in India and who knows where else)
        Normally RQI would not be tanking with both VTR and VNO up.
        This is what i was afraid would happen.

        The political discussions are a smoke screen for
        what is really happening in the market..
        Could someone answer only to the issue of merril unloading
        their position.

    • correction
      * dividend for oct nov and DEC.

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