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  • nancylynn_89701 nancylynn_89701 Sep 25, 2008 2:35 PM Flag

    new distribution

    Cohen & Steers Announces Implementation of a Managed Distribution Policy for its Closed-End Funds
    In laymans terms what does this do to the
    .15 divy
    and this means ? the cap gain in Dec in now distributed
    throughout the year?
    how much will the dividend fluctuate? if at all?
    it seems
    they will change the divy for OCT NOV DEC ???

    i feel dumb i could call them but would rather
    have some other imput.

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    • They are adopting a "pay as you go" policy on cap gains rather than paying a massive December distribution. This will give the stockholder a better planning window rather than a December scramble to offset the gains. It will also off-set the need to consider timing your exists or entries due to cap gain considerations.
      Currently the trading price for the buy/sell choice must be tempered with how close or far away we are from December. A sale today at $12.30 may be much better or worse than a sale in January at $15.30. It currently all depends on the tax attributes of the December Special Distribute.
      This is my understanding, better information.

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      • thanks. that was a nice answer.
        I don't worry about cap gains for the present as
        our income is not high enough to make it "hurty".

        perhaps higher taxes on capitol gains that may come next year would be a consideration. the cap gains and divies more than made up for the tax hit.
        In truth,
        I probably own alittle too much of this for my own good ..
        ... (understatement)... i can wait out the
        downturn....but started to worry about an all out crash
        ... of WAMU proportions. if i sell now i take
        a loss...even with the divives and gains so far.

        i Am waiting it out but sweating bullets.

        yes i have other stuff from GG to JNJ etc but i got
        alittle too much of this rqi ...and I need it up
        about 6 points (five years?? too optomistic?)

        the Mother of all Bail Outs seems pretty dicey...
        but if Buffet thinks it's okay then who am I to question
        the Guru.
        i guess we gotta do it.
        No one seems to have any bettor paulson, the arrogant and bernacke the selfless (same guy really)
        will have to hammer it out with congress.
        we won't recover for a few years .

        RQI is my only really out-on-a-limb holding.
        ...I am down to gut hunches and grinding teeth.
        I also own VTR ..a duplicate i know
        but that's just meandering along properly like rqi was supposed to do.

        I don't have any crazy mortgages but i guess i did take a bite into the housing bubble anyway. Hope Mr Cohen
        and his wife don't bail on us.
        They will want to retire too, i figure.

        anyway thank you for a considerate reply.

    • Go to the RENN/SP board at Investor village. I post there frequently and there is continuous discussion about all types of Closed End Funds.

      Also try the CEFS and Income Investing boards, also at IV.

      This isn't spam. I'm trying to help you gain more knowledge about CEFs.


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