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  • murger4money murger4money Sep 19, 2009 10:17 AM Flag

    NAV = $6.98 : MKT = $6.27

    Almost made a $7 NAV this week.

    It was nice to see the dividend maintained as that, along with the NAV coming back, could be that sign that we have seen the worse from an income standpoint.

    It's interesting to consider that the story the press is feeding you - printing $$ will lead to inflation - is both true and nuanced this time around. It's likely true that physically real things are doing well right now and will do well for some time - RE (eg: RQI) and commodities. If you caught SINO for a basic play on shipping/commodity transport(ore)/commerce last week... well you are most welcome. It should pull back to the neckline it just broke, backtest then head to 8. A quick move above 5 means it likely wont backtest. The move from $2.75 to $5 was sharp and next $3 will likely be the same. Shipping, not owning the ships, is what the play there. SINO is not DRYS. Just as RQI is not VNQ or commercial RE. It's nuanced.

    The thing the press isn't telling you is that every country is printing currency. The dollar's value is expressed as its value to other currencies. So while the dollar is falling, it won't fall to oblivion. It will fall, but it will hold up because those countries are using "quant easing" too, like us. That's what different this time and that's the nuance. As soon as the US economy finds its feet, the dollar will rally hard as we will either tax (get ready to higher marginal rates) or congress will cut off the tap first. First - as in before other currencies do. The carry trade on income producing US assets (RE - eg: RQI) will be back. Bing "carry trade" and watch the dollar against the yen. I give it 6-9 months. If others see it then that's the "mystery" behind the recent RE run up and why GS was dead wrong on CRE.

    Do your own DD. And have a plan you made yourself based on thinking for yourself. Don't listen to people on these boards. And don't trade on this or other advice. Boards are entertainment, not a ChFP.

    Still watching RQI NAV of $7 and believe we see a $9+ NAV.

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