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  • tweetymerc tweetymerc Mar 24, 2010 6:38 PM Flag


    Can anybody here tell me if I heard correctly. I thought I heard on a news show that the health care bill had in it a clause that said they were going to put a tax on commercial real estate investments. If I did hear this correctly, will this hurt reits. I hope im wrong,I just caught the last of the report.

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    • Didn't hear anything specific about REITs and think it would be unlikely that a tax would be levied at such a small target. I did hear something about a rise in the cap. gains tax which seems to make more sense. It looks to be a small price to pay for living in America and finally having health care for all, if indeed that pans out. I hope it does, and if I pay more as a result, so be it.

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      • I really love these posts ... your point that you don't mind paying more in taxes so that all will have health care is an insult to most that have jobs and pay taxes.

        Where is it a given that the government will do all the things that people "need". Should the government give everyone a house, everyone needs to live somewhere. Should the government give everyone a job? How about a car to get to that job? How about free daycare for all? How about free food? Everyone needs to eat.

        The benefits of the healthcare bill are all well and good. But someone has to pay the bills.

        Rather than giving my tax dollars to the government, I would (and do) give money to my local charities that supply food, shelter and care for indigent people in my area.

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