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  • stevenjay1959 stevenjay1959 Apr 7, 2011 4:33 PM Flag

    You all missed the most important

    part of the call. We all know that this company is hemorrhaging in losses. We all know that the recent acquisition will take time to integrate into atrn and its growth, explosively or otherwise will take time. These are all givens.

    The most important issue discussed today was that they are talking with investment bankers to raise capital. The issue of dilution isn't the real concern here. If atrn gets a solid firm behind it and raises significant working capital, long term it is very positive. BUT, investment firms, vc's etc.. are in the drivers seat here and that is the problem. There is something wrong when a stock with no float trades millions upon millions of shares, up to over $7.00 and is down to $2.50 with selling pressure. THE PROBLEM AT THIS MOMENT IS HOW MUCH ARE THEY GOING TO RAISE AND WHAT ARE THE TERMS.

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    • You sound like a liberal democrat..We need to go into debt or dilution in order to stop hemmoraging more losses. Hope and Change always takes a backseat to reality. Nothing these people said today makes me confident that the cash burn will discontinue at the current rate of at least 2-3 million/quarter. Musci made it crystal clear that the revenue number q1 over q4 would be flat..Go listen to that call again. The cost restructuring is not going to improve very soon either as they implied many many times in the call..any opex savings would be at best 50% of 6.5 million (this was made clear in the Q3 2010 call) and we know that the product development costs will abate only modestly, but that would be offset with 3rd party media acquistion costs to grow the kazaa biz-metrics that they did not disclose...One only must wonder why they refuse to release metrics (currenly) of the kazaaa subs or the attrition of the legacy subs. The SEC doesnt preclude them from doing this; neither does the SEC preclude them from releasing current April 7, 2011 cash balamces..Why the mystery? one only wonders

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