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  • w.bennett18 w.bennett18 Apr 26, 2011 11:21 AM Flag

    Up we go smart guys with

    it is a takeover or partnership, or a contract with facebook, my space, or other social network, I would not sell now , I would wait to see the action of competitors, or the new relationships to come.

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    • If Sean Parker wants to see Spotify materialize into the "go to" streaming site in the USA, then it makes total sense that he would acquire Kazaa to 1) get an immediate footprint re all the licensing deals he would otherwise have to get through a maze of regulations and lawyering fees and waiting periods 2) eliminate the competition that Kazaa would pose and 3) get an immediate presence in the US. Any person with common sense would just buy kazaa outright....Remember, back in the day when kazaa inked these licensing deals, they paid 100 million according to some articles by john gilliam....what would the buyout premium be? 100% of the trading pps now would make this roughly a $7.50 buyout price...with the dilution coming from the BD deal, the market cap would be 7.8 mill shares times 7.50 or roughly 60 million dollars....I think its very possible this may happen....but remember the "significant announcemnets" that Musci was talking about related to the IA division and not the kazaa division. so maybe not

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