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  • jimmie5497 jimmie5497 Oct 20, 2007 1:23 PM Flag

    One of my Worst Purchases Ever !

    I bought this stock from how the chart was looking and the nice dividend that it pays.
    I am currently down 15%.
    I know nothing about financial stocks and should have stayed away.
    If / when I get back close to even I will be out and stay out of this type of stock in the future.

    I am much better at understaning stocks like: JASO, DSX, FRPT, SPAR, STP, NVDA, NTGR, CALM, CAT, MTW, etc.

    I am long all of those ( never have shorted a stock ).

    Good luck to all.

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    • Correction. Second worst.

      I owned SPAR going into earnings yesterday. They missed.
      It tanked. I think it dropped me on my head.

      I then sold NTGR because I thought they might do the same.
      They beat and popped nicely after earnings.

      I hate earnings time.

      Sometimes you just can't win for losing.

      Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to make money in this game.

      Good luck to all.

    • nice to see you know frpt,i sold at 20.50 as it went to 24 now as it looks closer to 14 than 24,i am on th esidelines,we know they have good mrap's but do we know what orders they will recieve,looks like roulette to me,it can go either way.what are your thoughts?btw i am long 5000 jrt at 12.35.i boght this befor ethey went public 30k shares sold at 18 and recently started trading it,this last trsde the firsttime i am down but being in with roberts tells me this will be a winner,50% upsid ethe question is will it take 6 months or 2 years,either way iam fine.
      also long crox,gme-everybody is wearing crocs and wasting time on video games,i never got past pacman

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      • Interesting to find folks here who have or had FRPT and still like the beaten down REIT financials. I am long FRPT and JRT. Got in JRT in August when the insider buying began. Stock sure bounces around a lot lately. I quit posting on the Yahoo FRPT board because it is so crazy--mostly use IV, which was what sent me here when a pot popped up on the JRT board (my ID on IV is ParadigmInvestor).

        As long as you guys have been tossing around others, even though home builders may not have bottomed out, I bought some DHI this morning. They build in San Diego, which is probably not the best strategy for buying, but I figure that home builders will come back at some point, so buying on the drop as opposed to on the recovery is okay either way with me.



    • Your list contains growth stocks commonly followed on the IBD forums - are you a subscriber to the CANSLIM strategy?

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      • I do not read IBD and do not know what / who "CANSLIM" is.
        I make most of my picks initially from charts and the predictability of what I reason from charts.
        After that, I read about the company, read what analysts estimates, whos is the competetors, etc.
        Then I watch them for a week or 2 to see if my process is working or not before I buy.
        When I buy, I usually buy 1/3 or the total I am willing to invest. If it goes down for seemingly no reason, like the market going down hot and fast overall this morning, then I will buy some more at that time.

        This is a game.
        I am playing the game and having fun doing it.

    • Jimmie---Take a quick look on RAS board re some comments on JRT. Think it would enlighten the negative feelings on JRT. A few things that JRT has going for it is the diversified portfolio that it has including foreign assets. There are only 25 plus million shares outstanding, pays a 16% yield at current stock price. J.E. Roberts the CEO bought over 787,000 shares in August when the shorts attacked every stock in the financial sector. He must have a lot of faith in his company to buy that many shares at depressed prices.
      If investors are looking at quick daily returns, best go to Vegas! With a 16% yield I can hold for a long time, in fact I picked up another 1k this morning.On the 31st a nice fat dividend will make my wallet bulge!

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      • JRT's assets are so much better than RAS's. One thing people have forgetten is that RAS/Taberna's reputation as an issuer of TRuPS CDO's has been impaired. That makes the franchise as a whole worth less than it was pre-crisis.

        You look very stupid for having made unsecured junior subordinated loans to various iffy borrowers. It raises issues about the credit culture in post-Besty Z RAS.

        Instead, JRT's CDO's are full of performing loans/CMBS, and the market does not understand the huge value in JRT's NNN assets (Current with a 14.2% cap rate, with *uncapped* rent escalation starting in 2010). Put a mortgage on those assets, and ROE goes through the roof.

        IMHO for the next two quarters very little happens untill the CMBS/CDO markets restart.

        " During the three months ended June 30, 2007, the Company completed the acquisition of a second portfolio of net leased real estate assets consisting of six properties located in five states across the United States for $38.7 million. The first portfolio also had six properties and closed in December 2006. The twelve properties are leased under a single master-lease to an established charter school operator that currently manages approximately 39 charter schools across the United States. Our twelve properties are located across eight states and are utilized by the tenant as charter schools. At June 30, 2007, we had an undepreciated cost basis of $77.5 million in the twelve charter school properties. The master-lease provides for a 25-year term with a 10-year extension option, among other terms. The master-lease is a �triple net� lease with annual escalations equal to the greater of 3% or CPI starting in the third year of the lease. In addition, the lease is partially secured by letters of credit currently aggregating $12.1 million, which will adjust and expire over time based on the operating performance of the portfolio."

      • Thanks for the advice. Sounds good that the insider bought that much of his own shares.

        I actually did buy another 500 shares Friday.
        As of this minute I am down 17.2%.
        I have been down worse on SPAR.

        I currently have 1,500 of JRT. I put a limit of $30,000 per stock that I buy. I still have a way to go to get to that number. I might buy another 500 before the day is done.

        Thanks again.

        Good luck to you.

    • If you are worried about 15%, then you must not have gotten in on DSX when I did. I bought DSX at 16. It went down, down and down. I doubled down at 11.5. It continued to go down to something like 9.50. Alot of people bailed out. I didn't. It is now in the thirties and all those lovely dividends.

      I bought in JRT at 13. I am not concerned as I haven't seen any real change in the fundamentals of the company. If those change, then I'll reconsider, but not till then.
      Most of my big winners went down after I bought them. I have your list, here is mine. : AFN (5.23/pps), SFI($35/pps), JRT ($13/pps), DSX($13.98/pps), EGLE($13/pps), MSB($15/pps), PCU($25/pps), NHP ($15/pps), SNH ($13/pps). I have a few others but you get the picture of what time will do. We are being paid to wait for the improvement of the sector. Of course, if you are on margin or cannot afford the loss, then CDs are a better way to go for you. In any event, if fundamentals change for the bad side, that is when I look for the exit. I haven't seen it yet. Good luck to you.

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      • Thanks for your input.
        I was not pumping the other stocks as the other poster suggested.
        I am a trader at heart. I do not buy and hold.
        I am 64 and just watch and play the stocks all day every day. It is a heck of a game.
        The ones I hold are the ones that went the wrong way after I buy them. For those I try to figure out why and then if I convince myself the company is still good I will buy more of it, as I have done with this one. I rarely sell for a loss. Of course that is considered to be a fault also.

        If I buy one and it goes up 5 to 10 % quickly I will sell it.
        I have made 171 sales so far in the last 12 months.
        I am up quite nicely doing this.
        My trades are in an IRA ( not on margin )so I am not forced to sell any of them.

        You are doing really well with your purchases.
        A man tried to get me to buy PCU at $42 and I thought it had run too far too fast already. LOL. Now it is $126.

        Good luck to you.

    • One of your worst attempts at investing is pushing your favorite stocks. All just waiting to be shorted.