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  • zeeman042000 zeeman042000 Dec 26, 2007 9:38 AM Flag

    Nice Open

    i may just be a happy camper after all.

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    • ...You are correct my friend! A lot of individuals on the MB's keep asking that question over and over! Very simple really. Sometimes it is confusing, as in the case of Real Time News that indicate the Date of Record for CRZ is December 31st but do not say what x-dividend day is. In this case because a weekend is prior to the 31st the x-day is now December 27th.

    • .....Never gave it a thought that they are borrowing the $1.10 from you, but in essence I would say that they are using the money for another 32 days. The money is not yours until they pay it, so no borrowing occurs. On January 30th we will be rewarded for investing in JRT and hopefully many more as someone alluded to a few minutes ago!

    • My understanding is that the "ex-dividend date" is the date of the first day that the stock trades "ex-dividend," i.e., "without the dividend." Stock purchased on or after this ex-dividend date will not get the dividend.

      If I am wrong about this, then I would certainly like to be corrected.

    • You will get your $1.10 on 30 Jan.

      And, hopefully, $0.45 on about 30 April, 30 July, and 30 October.

      And then, a little something extra for next Christmas along with the $0.45.

    • so does that mean that I will get my $1.10 back per share on the 30th of january? Thanks to all for clarifying. To me it looks like they are taking $1.10 per share and borrowing it for 32 days. i guess I am clueless.

    • Some people get so confused about the X-date. Not that complex, The stock goes X-div on a certain date, therefore the price drops by the amount of the dividend T-2 days ahead of that, since it takes three days for trades to settle.

      Whoever is recorded as being the owner at the end of trading on the X-date gets the dividend.

    • ......Wish that was true but, the value of JRT assets went down by $1.10(When they pay on January 30th) so really the stock for all intents and purposes was valued at $11.90. There was some euphoria this morning with the stock in the $12.00 plus area and would have a been a good time to sell. It closed at $11.65 so an investor is down .25 cents on the day. JRT will likely trade in this range for a few days but come the New Year JRT will be well over $11.90 region. Patience my friend! Yield at present price is 15.45% not counting any specials. Helluva buy at present for any long term holder!!!!!

    • you lost money today, even with the dividend.

    • >I thought If the price was $13 and they paid $1.10 per share, I essentially had a stock worth $14.10.

      If it was worth $14.10, it would have been selling for $14.10.

    • Did the share price drop $1.10 due to the dividend being paid out or am I missing something? It closed on Monday at $13 yet shows up today at $12.30. I hold 1500 shares and not sure what is going on. Bought this as a suggestion of my brother.I saw the dididend was payable to those holding on record on the 28th of December and it is the 26th. I appreciate an explanation and sorry if I sound naive.

      thanks A