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  • smoothjazz0204 smoothjazz0204 Nov 16, 2008 2:14 PM Flag

    100% YIELD AT $1.20???

    What has this world come to. A well regarded platform and Mgmt selling at nearly 100% yield, barely 4 - 5 months after the CEO buys 60,000+ shares at $8+. This price, it appears to me, assumes a death spiral margin call on their remaining $60 repo balance sometime soon.

    I realize it is bad out there, and will likely get worse before it gets better. But is JRT really on its death bed, as a $1.30 handle suggests??. They reported AFFO of 33cents & BV of $8.50 at the end of 3Q. I realize they also noted greater distress with the CMBS "first loss" collateral, but is the earnings power almost completely gone.

    My big question is if JER was buying boatloads of stock at $8 and higher, does he plan to buy more at these levels as insiders at RAS, SFI, NRF, CRZ have done recently. JRT is definitely on my radar again.

    GL to all.

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