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  • sir_cumference Mar 6, 2009 7:37 PM Flag

    How low will longtime go???

    When TUES morning is trading at 10¢ and the bankruptcy papers have been filed, will longtimefollower still be touting the virtues of this P.O.S. stock. Recent history suggests yes. It's obvious hat longtime is oblivious to the economic straits that the U.S. and the world find themselves in right now. Longtime seems oblivious to the severe cutbacks American consumers are making in their spending. Longtime seems oblivious to the cutback that credit card company (including American Express) are making in customer bases. Longtime seems oblivious to the increase in promotion and discounts that other retailers are making in hopes of surviving the next couple of years. Longtimefollower is either a very foolish man or a TUES pumping shill. In any case, his rants do not deserve serious consideration.

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    • Thanks for your whiney, sniveling post and complete lack of basis, I plan to take a step in in the morning. The balance sheet is solid. They earned 20 cents the past six months. They plan on breaking even for the year. The US consumer is no longer fueled by easy credit, bad lending practices and irresponsible borrowing, good. The folks who still have a job may just want things like quality for less and bargains on a few things for the house that look good. Last recession, judging from the chart, this one did very well at the late stage of it, and management last Q seemed to be focusing more on the business and less on excuses like it had before. This thing is no way .57 bad, IMO, and dude, you are gambling against too much balance sheet and heck, maybe a big bounce just on technicals.

    • what are behind your rants???

      The company has virtually NO DEBT and recent sales have been OK and they have no "killer" leases that are sucking them dry.. They are paying their bills too

      What else do you want with retailer today??

      Why do you hate this company so??

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      • sir_cumference Mar 7, 2009 7:48 PM Flag

        "What else do you want with retailer today??"

        While I don't hate TUES, I do visit their stores periodically and I don't see TUES having more than a snowball's chance in Hell of surviving this recession.

        1. Tuesday Morning stores sell high-end goods that are very discretionary and as such, TUES is very, very vulnerable to plunging sales as consumers at every economic level cut back on their spending.

        2. TUES already runs their stores as shoe string operations with one full time manager and several part time staffers. Interiors and exteriors are nothing fancy and store hours are already at a bare minimum. TUES store leases are already cut rate so there's little chance to achieve savings there. As such, TUES has little if anything to cut at store level. Almost all cuts will have to be at corporate level.

        3. TUES's stores are an unmitigated mess!!! This clutter might have flown while the economy was good and TUES had this niche largely to itself. Now, all retailers are promoting and discounting like never before. Why should TUES shopper put up with a rumage sale experience if they can get the same or better prices somewhere else with nicer shopping experience???

        4. There are already other retailers who do a better overall job at offering inexpensive upscale merchandise. TJ Maxx would be a prime example. TJ Maxx stores are open longer hours, they have a broader selection of merchandise including apparel, their stores are better staffed, and in my experience, TJ Maxx's prices are often lower than TUES on comparable items. With TJ Maxx, you don't get the 'slumming at a rumage sale' feeling.

        I maintain that the consequences of the current recession haven't had a chance to fully filter into the operating results of the stores yet. Check back in six months and I'm quite confident you'll see a major deterioration in operation metrics.

    • Unless someone takes Tuesday Morning private, the entire situation is over. Anyone above Store Manager, get your resume up to date.

      God, I am soooooo glad I'm outta this mess.

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