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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 May 19, 2014 11:59 AM Flag

    Director BURMAN TERRY LEE buys $10k at $14.08 on 5/15

    05/15/2014 P 10,000 A $ 14.08 = 29,438

    Terry Burman, age 67, has served as a director of Tuesday Morning since February 2013. Mr. Burman was the Chief Executive Officer of Signet Jewelers Limited (Signet), a specialty jewelry retailer, until January 2011. Mr. Burman joined Signet in 1995 as the Chairman and CEO of Sterling Jewelers, Inc., a U.S. division of Signet. Before joining Signet, Mr. Burman held various senior executive positions of increasing responsibility with Barry's Jewelers, Inc. from 1980 to 1995, including President and Chief Executive Officer from 1993 to 1995. Prior to that, Mr. Burman was a partner with Roberts Department Stores, a regional department store chain specializing in apparel. Mr. Burman also served on the Board of Directors of Signet until January 2011. Mr. Burman has served on the board of directors of YCC Holdings LLC, a retailer of candles, fragrances and other products, since October 2007 and has been the Chairman of the Board and a director of Zale Corporation, a jewelry retailer, since May 2013.

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    • Pure contrivances. They wanted to show "faith," that the story is still intact. But the buys are token. If they hadn't bought, the street wouldn't have trusted rouleau's "new company on sept 1st" folderol, and the stock would have dropped to $8-10, after the last earnings release.

      Rouleau and burman are just buying time. But it only means the stock goes down MUCH HARDER, after the xmas results come out, are disappointing... and rouleau starts talking about more merchandise "repisitionings," and "necessary clearances," to set us up for an "absolutely fantastic future."

      We're getting pretty close to the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" time with these bozos. In fact, that's EXACTLY what burman 's and rouleau's open market buys fatuously represent. I see it as an integrity issue. What they have to lose, they're thinking, if it "buys" them credibility, for another 6 months....when that credibility should be in tatters, at this point.

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      • Totally absurd to think these respected men are part of some kind of wall street scam to inflate a stock for no rational reason.

        And why only $8-10 if the most they can ever earn is 50 cents per year ?

        Ever think its possible they might actually be trying to fix the company ?

        Does any rational person really think the esteemed Mr Rouleau wants his swan song to be securities fraud ?

        On the other hand, it was fairly obvious long ago that COCO was a scam based on bilking the government.

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