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  • a2x2eq4 a2x2eq4 Aug 24, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    On Sept. 4th, Streamer will be gone!

    I have been trying to place trades on ToS & Trade Architect since the notification, but keep going back to Streamer Suite Console or the long detachable Quote bar at the bottom of the home page. These two trading features are so easy to use in comparison with trying to trading on ToS or TA, both of which are so complicated. I don't need all the extra "stuff" to trade with. Can't understand why Amtd discontinuing Streamer for the unsophisticated trader.

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    • I can make a guess: they are tired of hassling with Java; they've determined that the bulk of Streamer and CC users are smaller accounts that they won't mind alienating and losing; CNBC pays them big money to stream their programming on TA and thinkorswim, and such streaming won't work on Streamer or CC; and they think that many Streamer and CC users will buckle under and suffer through the torment of trying to learn, and trade on, the newer (and in many important ways, inferior) platforms. Why on earth do so many brokers seem compelled to "raise their standards," or "attract the more sophisticated, better capitalized trader," by attempting to emulate a Bloomberg terminal and all of its ridiculous complexities?

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      • First of all I use the home page as well to place my trades.. I just started using Think or Swim for my quote screen and have started using some basic charts as well as some things like most actives, big gains and percentage gains. Not too bad afterall. As far as security we must understand what happened to the NASDAQ this week. A hacker shut down the stock exchange WOW.. AMAZING.. so maybe I do understand what must go on inside major corporations with computer security issues. I believe sites like Ebay and Amazon etc have been hit as well. Java is a Scott McNealy Sun Microsystems creation enough said.

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