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  • american_chariot american_chariot Sep 24, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

    Some raders got 'no taper' decision news earlier

    New "breaking-news" headlines; My take y'all, be careful with the Market here; There is so much "hot-air" built into the Markets, with the huge disconnect between Wall-Street and Main Street. It's almost as if the Fed and the Government is "engineering another melt-down".

    I was looking at the then-functioning Ameritrade Streamer, watching my gold stocks/options bolt about 5-10 minutes ahead of the Fed decision, thinking to myself, "how on earth could these stocks know the Fed's decision before the Fed released their minutes"? Then I thought o myself, "no, maybe big-money is just gambling on a non-consensus decision"? But seeing how strongly and ruthlessly they were all moving-up ahead of the actual Word from the Fed, I then realized that "someone had an inside scoop"; It was too obvious, and even CNBC made mention of it that day!

    When you start to see such blatant manipulation and fraud in the Markets...when the Fed keeps gassing the Markets even when they don't really need it, and the Market doesn't expect it, trying to inflate paper, I'D BE VERY CAREFUL BEING LONG Fed-asset inflated stocks, and I'd assume a very defensive posture!

    All imo!

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    • Decades ago when I was not even trading just money here there - and since worked many positions (temped while 2nd degee in night college) I asked a guy at one of the Wall Street firms (trading floor and just YELLED out phone messages NO time to pick up phone for these guys was funny) how come this or that would move BEFORE the "news" was out. He said we always get the news before main street.

      Now fast forward prof in my major - stated "if you don't remember anything about this class - remember this! All the news is controlled by a few at the top - now even fewer, and the rich "make the news" (I would say Uber Rich - my last job on Wall street was for company of lawyers that taxed sheltered those with 10 to 100 million in EACH account - NO taxes)

      Later when I was in a small cap I noticed that it would be punished with crummer and herb green (they used to monitor boards and I and others got a yahoo warning... so started doing some research.

      Dow Jones Indices/Dow Jones publishing (this was then now bought out) was WSJ, Barron's, Market Watch and much more - all targeting companies and (this involved naked shorting) media "independent" stock ratings (the old Stockscouter now renamed) and hedge fund bud of Crummer (now retired) and much more.

      Our group and many more even got a subpoena for that front runner and his media buds - and he tossed it back at the camera (was archived on you tube some where but may have been "deleted". He stated the SEC is too stupid to do anything. Lower staff was - head said "we don't do that".

      This list goes on and on (and then not so readily available) but essentially look up Rupert Murdoch and his MEDIA Global EMPIRE - to see who owns all of the above and so much more you will never listen to any news again (reason why I like ta) used to see news on yahoo but money flow going down while stock pps up - and the next day post cc - real news came out - disaster - and AD suddenly disappeared! ACAS

      They are all linked at the HIP

    • Yes, very interesting how the cannons were fired before the direction was known. As one trader put it, The truth won't be known until the bodies wash up on shore.

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