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  • kyoilteam kyoilteam Nov 22, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    New Website


    is AWFUL.
    Not user friendly for traders

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    • That the new trading platforms have been released in replacement of Command Center has only a few interpretations: some combination of 1): management has never actually traded with the various tools, or 2): the new trading tools are crafted to take financial advantage of the slow-witted and inexperienced. Appears AMTD is now being managed by incompetents or if not incompetent, then competent fraudsters.

      The lack of correct real-time data and slow transaction response time gives the broker the opportunity to front-run our orders, cutting customer profits and taking the spread for themselves. Only if you are naive, is AMTD is the place to work your money.

      AMTD is no longer a broker to trust or recommend. I have told them i'm going; can't feel good about trading on TOS.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Exactly, the new website is horrible, a complete catastrophe. Up to now, I couls have a glimpse of the pie chart and I immediately knew how I am doing. But now? I have no idea. I can see the total amount but I have no idea how indivudual stocks are doing. It makes me wonder why the id*ots did this to me. Ameritrade has always been horrible, they simply cannot compare Datek Online. Datek was a first-class online broker, I was very disappointed when it was taken over by AMTD more than ten years ago. Since then, it is worse and worse. They just proved again that they really don't know how a user-friendly website should look like. AMTD should be pushed out of business and we should look for a better broker.

    • bring back level 2 ! trade architect sucks #$%$

    • I agree. The whole thing is cluttered. The screen is badly managed.
      If you have to hold a stock with a long name like "YPF SOCIEDAD ANONIMA SPONSORED SPONSORED ADR REPSTG CL D SHS" then you are screwed big time since the description takes up ALL the space. And if you remove the name/description then you can't see the company name - which might be a problem too.

      Another company with "improvements" but they forgot the include the "REVERT TO OLD LAYOUT" button on their new supposedly fancy site.


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      • Why must they change things? This kind of fake work projects that disrupt the entire scope without adding any value. It was not broken. It did exactly what it was doing a week ago and never needed to be changed.
        If it is not broken do not fix it. KISS. They killed Streamer and left a pile of poop behind.
        By the way they said they were upgrading TA. Waiting for version 19. it now three months and nothing.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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