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  • solace121 solace121 Jul 9, 1999 10:02 AM Flag

    Earnings move-up

    Perhaps the reason for the move-up in earnings is
    that there will be an announcement of a buyout by
    another company and the market price is getting very
    close to the buyout price. They don't want to risk a
    pre-earnings run-up and end up announcing being bought out at
    little or no premium... Nothing we hate more than a
    buyout with no premium!

    Just a thought.

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    • but I think your confusing the boy.

    • Motley Fool April 15 article (1/2 way down page)
      lists AMTD
      2nd qtr. earnings @ .14 and 1st qtr. @
      If you project this aggregate of .21 as an average
      over 4 qtrs., the total is .42 .
      Now, to account
      for the recent 3 way split, divide .42 by 3
      the result is .14 as an annual earnings run
      Divide current share price of approx. $38 by .14 and the

      result is the current p/e ratio of 271. Pre-split, share
      of $114 divided by earnings of .42 =271. The p/e
      ratio remains
      constant if both the annual earnings
      projection and share price
      are divided by 3.

    • shares go up by a factor of 3 ... the P/E remains at just over 100.

    • First call did not lower estimates to .03 cents,
      they adjusted it for the 3:1 split, has anyone worked
      out the new P?E numbers based on the split

      I could swear that AMTD was trading at just over
      100 x earnings last week prior to the split.

    • you are in my humble opionion pretty close, but I
      do like your guess of 50, If I could predict the
      future I would say 47 would be a fair call, NDB and EGRP
      are very good trades, with EGRP's problems this past
      week, it will not take long for this to be figured into
      the price and it is a great buying opportunity, in
      time, problems seem to be forgotten, unless it is
      posted a year from now by one of the gloom and doom
      people that are set in making a stock look bad, I would
      like to add to my last post that when daytrading, if
      one sticks with great comapnies like
      AMTD,DIR,EGRP,CGMI,ect... and stay away from total hype on stocks say .07
      cents a share theres not much gamble to it other than
      the normal risks one takes in the long term, for what
      ever it's worth, I wouldn't throw money at this stock
      if I didn't think it would stick and grow, I have
      found that buying on the dips and selling on the highs
      work wonders when it comes to paying the bills, Im in
      at an average of 38.25 and I havent gone through an
      anxiety attack yet this weekend, this stock will move
      up...and yes most likely at least to 47 this coming
      week...good luck

    • There are mazing consistencies on all the boards.
      When a stock is down for 2 days thae sgorts come out
      in force. Everyone is right and everyone is

      1. Reality - AMTD is profitable, as is NDB etc.
      however NDB floats 10 MM shares.

      2. It is
      summertime, the traders all leave after 11:00 edt to head to
      the Hamptons for the weekend, hence there is a mjor
      slow down in volume on Friday afternoons. Market
      prices become very unstable and bounce wildly on low
      volume because of it.

      3. This stock was
      definitely being controlled by MM on Friday afternoon.
      Someone could have come in and bought 1 MM shares and the
      price would have stayed below 39.

      4. The person
      that said price will go up prior to SPO is right. Why
      do an SPO if you can't get the price you want? I see
      price between 45 - 50 at time of SPO.

      5. CPI and
      PPI will continue to be benign next week.

      Has anyone else noticed that the only INET sector
      that hasn't moved has been the OLB's?

    • Yes, Both EGRP,AMTD,CMGI, and Many others got kick out from R2000. Cause grown too big for R2000. you are very Correct, I also read same news from Yahoo. Happy surfing... :)

    • Last week I bought PSIX and SFE and both were
      looking good and one afternoon 30 minutes before the
      market closed, they all tank for 4 - 5 points because of
      out of RS2000 and added into RS1000.
      The next day
      they all came back up and today they both closed up
      over 10 points already since out of the RS2000 without
      any news.

      I hope this is the reason for the
      AMTD but you are right about the fund manager's

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