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  • iconhater iconhater Apr 19, 1999 4:31 PM Flag


    Assuming the market stabilizes, I agree with your
    guess. However, I think this will take at least .11 on
    the earnings and a very positive CC. I expect both of
    those to happen so we'll see tomorrow afternoon.

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    • Chuz,

      When I spoke with SCOC yesterday it
      was primarily to ask about Monterey 64 being 90% AIX.

      They didn't give me a direct answer.
      But said even
      if true it definitely did not mean that revenue was
      split that way.
      Since Monterey 64 is to run on Intel
      processors, and since it's SCOC that has the expertise on
      Intel, their input is critical to the success of the
      project and that is reflected in the revenue split.
      course they didn't tell me what the % split would be.

      Whatever the split as long as SCOC's current product
      offering continues to grow then revenue from Monterey 64
      will be additive and just increase SCOC's top and
      bottom line.

      I also asked about IBM's middleware
      being ported to unixware and was assured that
      absolutely they were working on that.

      And with
      respect to IBM promoting unixware I was assured that
      there definitely were some joint promotion programs in
      the works.

      This was something that Michels
      mentioned at the last conference. Then, he indicated we
      might hear something about them around the SCO Forum.
      That didn't happen but I assume we should hear about
      these sometime in the not to distant


    • He probably sold shares to pay for the big party
      at his house during the conference last week.

      Even if he did want to take some shares off the board,
      which I doubt, insiders usually buy too soon and sell
      too soon.

    • notice the filinf said on or about 24 Aug, so,
      it's history, done deal, no big deal, right before
      recent run began so one can assume that he needed the $
      for some purpose, happens all the time, no one else
      selling, last officer sale was, I think, a year ago. Now,
      have you heard anything about the company's
      discussions with RHAT? That would be interesting and makes

    • Yes I got back in yesterday and wish I had waited
      a day.
      I really wish Michels would have
      consulted with me before deciding to sell. It looks like
      it's only about 1% of his ownership so it really isn't
      a big deal but it will probably effect the price

      I liked the fact that IBM Netfinity
      division finally showed a glimmer of support for unixware.
      I am hoping it is just the start of a more
      agressive effort by IBM to push unixware.

      I still
      think there is a small chance that Monterey could
      Which would have a very nasty impact on the
      As long as that doesn't happen I see a stream of
      only good news for the next year - which should
      translate to an increasing stock price.


    • I'm on. I bought in @9 1/2.

    • ABOVE nine great close represents good support.

    • You sold a few days ago are you back in?
      really appreciate your content-driven input. Personally
      I think it's remarkable that the stock has
      established a pattern of high volume upday/very low volume

    • Well the netfinity web page on the IBM website
      posted the news regarding the AIM benchmarks.
      This is
      very good to

      If the above link doesn't work then it's on the IBM
      site under
      select news and awards

      I checked all press
      releases listed since last summer on the Netfinity site.

      About 32 not including the most recent ones.
      was only one mention of unixware and that was once
      and just
      a standard mention as an operating

      These latest put the focus directly on SCOC.
      moreover for now they have posted the same info in four
      different ways - as though they want to be sure that nobody
      misses it.

      I hope this marks the start of an
      effort by IBM (hopefully an aggressive effort) to
      promote unixware.


    • no worries.

    • it always dips down a bit. it may rebound, it may
      not, it depends on market sentiment....maybe i should
      start an investment group Mr. buy high sell higher!
      Luckily for me I probably did too, as for
      everyone else,,,,never listen to someone like him

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