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  • galluping_girl galluping_girl Aug 24, 2009 3:54 PM Flag

    Crescent/Stoneco division of Phillips Group

    More 2007 recycled news
    I just did a yahoo and google search and I can see that this is all old news again

    October 19, 2007) - Axis Technologies Group, Inc. announced today that Crescent/Stonco, will introduce their own daylight harvesting fixtures that will be equipped with Axis Technologies, Inc.'s Dimming/Daylight Harvesting (DDH) ballast. These fixtures will position Crescent/Stonco with green technology for the linear fluorescent interior lighting market place.

    AXIS announced all of this years ago!

    "Axis is honored and excited to work with Crescent/Stonco to expand their market. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors and lighting energy use is growing rapidly, along with the resulting emissions. By incorporating the Axis DDH Ballasts' green design to lighting, indoor air quality can be significantly improved. This benefits everyone, and now is the time to start making a difference for the future," said Jim Erickson, President of Axis Technologies, Inc. 10/19/07

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    • You are WRONG! This is not recycled news. If you had done your homework and done more than a Google search, you would know that Crescent/Stoneco was recently acquired by Phillips Electronics, one of the largest lighting companies in the world, if not the largest, and that the information and link in my posting is neither recycled nor old. It is very current and signifies that Phillips is now using the Axis ballasts, and is behind the product. No matter how hard you try to run this information down, it is very positive for Axis.

      • 1 Reply to prudentcapitalist
      • So what! another non event.

        I don't see anymore sales from it.

        Philips has their own ballast, so bye bye axis ballast, hello advance ballast.

        I don't see anywhere that Philips signed a contract with AXIS.

        Philips is a leader in LED.

        Once again you are trying to pump something out of nothing, until we see sales pickup because of this it is still a non event.

        Where is the 10Q at? How bad was the sales the lasst couple of months?

        All you want to do is live for a pipe dream, and they usually don't happen.

        Go put your money on black at the wheel in vegas, you might get better odds!