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  • galluping_girl galluping_girl Aug 25, 2009 11:33 AM Flag

    Word is IHUB INFECTED!

    Real investors don't worry about things like this, it is because we only have one id.

    Paranoiad pumpers do worry about this stuff because they are the ones doing it!

    The reason anyone can tell you the same paid pumper is that you have the same paranoiad post thru out all your 12 to 15 id's!

    Just because a group of investors want more sales that doesn't make it the same person, everyone wants more sales, even you. So are you MS?

    Only a paranoiad person would spend all his time worring about something negative said about his favorite stock, in your case only stock. Real investors accept the negative and can be negative even though they like the stock. Parents are negative towards their kids until the child grows out of the current problem. It is time for AXIS to grow up, start selling, make profits and etc, until then us parents are going to stay negative.