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  • galluping_girl galluping_girl Aug 27, 2009 8:09 AM Flag

    Deliver sales or shutup paid pumpers!

    Deliver sales or shutup paid pumpers!

    Really they can't - since they have no UL listing for the new load shedding ballast, no pictures of it, I am even wondering if they have a patent number for it.

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    • Are you for real? I don't think there are any paid pumpers on here and I not surely one, everyone here is looking to invest and make money, not bothering anyone else and minding their on business and keeping other investors of AXTG informed on their progress, weather it is up or down from what I gather. You may think you are getting to me, but you are so off the wall I think of you as an immature adult needing help before you crack and harm yourself or others. Do you really think anyone takes you seriously? MS, you are the basher hiding under numberous IDS, and the only way you could tell me to shut up is by not confronting me face to face, otherwise you wouldn't have enough balls to do it face to face, if you do have balls. You feel like a big man hiding behind this board. Grow up.

    • Still the paid pumpers have realize that there isn't that much following anymore maybe they have taking the Deliver sales or shutup paid pumpers advice!

      Or the one and only with 15 id's has been out of town again.