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  • dktoday61 dktoday61 Sep 3, 2009 6:40 AM Flag

    Check out the moderated AXTG board at

    If any of you out there are looking for serious information and discussion on this stock, I'd encourage you to go to and check out the AXTG board there. The board is moderated, making it possible to have a decent discussion of this stock. We essentially have a paid basher on this board with about 10 ids who tries to stop discussion with high volume posts with fabricated information. The discussion gets drowned out to the point where it isn't even worth trying here. He can't get away with it on the IHUB board, and as you can see, when he tries the participants are quick to provide the real data. Check it out--it's where I go to try to sort this thing out.

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    • All of this from a guy that copy and paste " Bumping This"

      Yea you really care about no one but yourself.

    • Do you really want to post this one!

      IHUB makes you look so bad over here.

      I think you really don't understand that you are the one not getting away with anything over there.

      All the deleted post from the attacks, all the negative post you guys do over there while you pump here. IHUB is the greatest selling point of how bad you really are!

      Also look at the 1000's of examples of bumping this over here, only morons do that, and everyone knows all your fake id's. You not fooling anyone at all.