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  • scooterpass scooterpass Jun 10, 2003 8:20 PM Flag

    Can't see $1 before books.

    I'm only posting this because I am 0-for-forever in predicting short term stock movements. So I'm hoping that my prediction here doesn't come to fruition....

    That said, I am expecting a very erratic rise from here to the upper .90's. I don't think the $1 hurdle can be challenged until the books are out (or at least a No-BK statement). Why do I think this? Well, in a word... risk. Most (many?) of us here are avg'd in the 30's and lower. Personally, if they announced tommorrow that they had no other option and HAD to go the BK route...then the stock fell to the mid-teens, I'd be disappointed, sure even devastated, but financially I wouldn't skip a beat. I think that is the feeling of most everyone here that avg'd so low. But buying at over $1.00 the risk starts getting real and that very small chance of BK starts looking much larger.

    Hanging in the 80's and 90's may be a good thing as it may allow for additional accumulation by the little guys, before the funds can start plowing away.

    Again, I'm mostly full of sh*t, and never have made the right call before, so look for it to bust thru $1.00 soon just to prove me wrong.


    BTW JRM, I'm not staying up late with you tonight. Husband is travelling and I don't sleep well when he's gone, but after last night and an early morning today, I think I'm checking in early. (had an extra Dewars/rocks to assure a sound sleep.) G'nite!

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