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  • fraseriv2003 fraseriv2003 Aug 28, 2003 3:38 AM Flag

    ****CALYPTE BIOMED (CYPT) +68%

    Fantastic news out.

    Today it was +68% (from 0,18 to 0,31).

    This stock is going to reach 2 USD next week. If you want to gain 10 times your investment....

    It is a winner.

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    • it is now at 50 cents.
      All in a few days, and it is just
      starting up off the launch pad.

      Lots of people just discovering CYPT.
      Was almost $5.00 a share within the last year.
      WHO has waived phase II testing of CYPT's
      urine test for HIV.

      WTO has come to agreement (yesterday)
      on cheaper drugs to combat AIDS in africa.

      President Bush has signed a 15 Billion
      dollar bill to help w/AIDS.

      Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have
      pledged 3 billion $$ for AIDS assistance.

      HIV testing will be needed.

      Blood testing is against some religious
      beliefs in africa. The Phase I results
      of CYPT's urine test were so good (99-100%
      predictive value) that they aren't requiring
      phase II.

      Tiny Calypte has the only 2 FDA approved
      urine tests. WHO looked at Calypte's
      urine tests, and some other saliva tests
      from other companies. (which didn't score
      as well on their predictive values)

      Do your own DD, but check them out.

      • 4 Replies to baby_gray_squirrel
      • Be careful with that pumping. When something is filled with nothing but hot air, it can deflate very quickly!

      • could u spell p u m p e r

      • baby gray

        This must be today's story you are referring to in your post. I found it on page 2 of the Toronto Star in Sunday's newspaper.

        Aug. 31, 2003. 08:28 AM

        Poor Nations Can Import Cheaper Drugs

        Africans win accord to buy generics
        Goal is to combat devastating diseases


        GENEVA�Heeding urgent appeals from African countries beset by AIDS, the World Trade Organization agreed yesterday to let impoverished nations import cheap copies of patent medicines needed to fight killer diseases.

        Member nations approved the idea in principle Thursday night but kept haggling over an accompanying statement meant to address some drug makers' concerns their patents would be exploited.

        Numerous African delegations pleaded with the diplomats to do a deal. In a joint statement, they said another 8,480 people had died unnecessarily in Africa from HIV/AIDS and other diseases since the talks stalled Thursday.

        "They showed that the poorest among us do make a difference in this organization," Canadian Ambassador Sergio Marchi said after the decision. "They helped the WTO find its heart and soul.''

        Diplomats were also anxious to counter critics who say the WTO, which sets global trade rules, puts corporate profits in rich countries ahead of the suffering and death in poor ones.

        The deal creates a loophole in WTO law that allows the most desperate countries to override patents on expensive drugs and order cheaper copies from generic manufacturers. Patent holders receive a small payment.

        Groups campaigning to give poor people better access to lifesaving drugs complained the agreement has so much red tape that governments will not be able to get sufficient supplies of cheap medicine.

        "Today's deal was designed to offer comfort to the U.S. and the Western pharmaceutical industry," said Ellen 't Hoen of the medical aid group, M�decins Sans Fronti�res. "Unfortunately it offers little comfort for poor patients. Global patent rules will continue to drive up the price of medicines.''

        The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations called the final agreement balanced.

        **Interested but still looking.


      • SPAM pounded all last week and received...

    • WHO isn't testing any other urine tests

      approved or otherwise according to their website. The WHO is testing a saliva test along with the two urine tests of CYPT's.

      Doesn't matter what it costs to manufacture or distribute.

      WHO says blood is out due to religious beliefs.

      Urine is in and there are BILLIONS of people to test.

      Bush said he'd help finance the African effort. What about the Asian effort? More Billions of $$$ to test BILLIONS of people?? 1 in 5 are infected in China alone!!

      And all these bashers here are concerned about is the US market with their gigantic 176 million populace with an infection rate probably the lowest in the World. It's silly. I told you bashers are horrible at arithmetic.

    • Is there a board for CYPT....?

    • this one didn't look to good in a,h,
      tony and martin are not to be trusted.

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