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  • amdshortsrfools amdshortsrfools Sep 16, 2009 9:19 AM Flag

    Nvidia GT300 yields are under 2%


    "Just pathetic -

    Nvidia couldn't even hit 2%, an order of magnitude worse than the most pessimistic estimate. Ouch. No, just sad. So sad that Nvidia doesn't deserve mocking, things have gone from funny to pathetic.

    At this point, unless there's a massive gain in yields on the second hot lot, there might not be enough chips to do a proper bring up and debug. This stunningly bad yield could delay the introduction of the chip, adding to the current pain and bleak roadmap. If there aren't enough 'good' parts from the second hot lot, that might require running another set, adding weeks to the total. Q1? Maybe not.

    It is going to be very interesting to see what Nvidia shows off at 'Not Nvision' in a couple of weeks. Will it give the parts to the engineers to work on, or show them off as a PR stunt? We will know soon enough. In any case, the yields as they stand are sub-2%, and the status of the GT300 is far worse than we had ever imagined."

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    • I don't think I've ever posted to this board before. But the author, Charlie D, is as credible as the buffoon cigar that posts on this board. Just as you ignore cigar, you should ignore Charlie D as well.

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      • I love how you guys have blinders on. Yes Charlie has a reputation, but when he presents info AND it's confirmed by the HardOCP editor who is un-biased. Then the info becomes more credible.

        The FACTS are the AMD/ATI 5850/5870 will be released in 2-3 weeks which huge performance gains over last year's models. Nvidia will HAVE NOTHING to compete with until the GT300 comes out. So what do you think that will do to Nvidia revenue in the mean time?

        Consumers ARE NOT DUMB. They buy the best products at the time.

    • if if if.

      You know nothing about bring up a chip, and Charlie, who knows less, dedicated 500-1000 words to that fact. It's first silicon people, it's incredibly complex (imagine the water supply plumbing system of the entire United States for an analogy for gate complexity, every supply line, faucet and valve, this chip is way more complex than that.) Its SOP people. There's gonna be a spin and if there are alarm bells to sound, that's when, not on prototypes.

      AMD profitability discussions have no credibility here. Compare each company's performance over the last 5 years to see who has the better business model.

      The plethora of arguments on the internet, and their lameness, amazes.

    • Quoting "Charlie Douchebag Demerjian" the confirmed nVidia hater and ATI lover for your facts are we.

      Well keep dreaming sweet dreams with Charlie for your nightmare will soon be coming.

      Nvidia confident that GT300 wins over 5870:

70.68-0.48(-0.68%)Oct 27 4:00 PMEDT