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  • daysofshred300000 daysofshred300000 Mar 15, 2010 4:07 PM Flag

    BSON:even the GTX-470 beats the 5870...


    in some cases

    "Also, we received news about targeted prices for the parts, and they look quite competitive against six-month old ATI 5800 Series: according to the benchmarks leaked some time ago, GeForce GTX 470 will beat out HD 5850 and in some cases, even HD 5870 - for the price of HD 5850 - we were told that the ballpark figure is $299-349, while GTX 480 will run between $449-499."

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    • less cores, less freqs, less yield, gigantic die, more amps, more heat, one bench, one week before launch empty boxes.
      I don't see anything positive at all in all these...

    • ^^ If that is true about the performance number that is good news for nVidia. Hope we hit $20.

    • BSN is one of the tech sites kept out of the loop by nVidia. You will notice that the ones in the know have not published anything about GTX 480 because of NDAs, and only those who are not privy to any true information are talking - and fabricating sometimes.

      BSN in the past has turned in mixed information - some true and many rumors. I would take what they say with a heaping sppon of salt.

      As I mentioned before, BSN is the relatively benign one on the evil axis.

      In decreasing order of "evilness":

      SemiAccurate/Charlie D

      SemiAccurate is 100% inaccurate, whereas the other two are hovering around 50%, plus or minus a few points.

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      • Yeah, I'm taking it with a grain of salt. Especially the part about the 480 having only 480 cores instead of 512. I don't think that makes any sense and doesn't jive with any of the other news we've been hearing. Also, silly as they may be, the pictures of multiple independent vendor boxes were advertising the 480 as having 512 cores right on the box.

        And just so nobody can come back here and twist my words after the final specs are known, I'm not promising ANYTHING and am reserving my own final judgement until nVidia lifts the embargo and we get some real information from mutliple, trusted news sources.

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