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  • gecco007 gecco007 Aug 19, 2010 3:59 PM Flag


    Thats the scuttlebug..

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      Sure hope they look into Nvidia's unbooked patent infringement liability.

      But hey, if Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang can't come to grips with paying for his willful shoplifting of Rambus' patents -- for over the course of a decade -- IBM will have absolutely no problem doing what Jen can't.

      IBM's investment bankers will simply back the amount due to Rambus out of the purchase price.

      And break it into 9 Fed wires of $99,999,999 each (the max size of a wire transfer) and beam the payment off to Rambus' treasury department.

      Matter Settled -- Finally!


    • Intel would be the likely candidate.


    • imagination...

    • Would make sense. I posted the following notion on another board the other day, I'll throw out some ideas.
      First, Cramer is more likely to HEAR rumors than you or me and to convey those rumors would be quite difficult to do, maybe rumors result in the occasional word or two on a stock, who knows!?
      CHINA...thats the giant in the woods that is scaring corporate america into survival mode and will lead to countless consolidations. Why?
      CHINA is now the second largest, don't think for a moment that they wouldn't want EVERYTHING to be CHINA, including, not about ESPECIALLY TECH.! TECH is everything including a WEAPON so to speak. As the GAP between China and the US closes, the US will have to get very creative because we will never be cheaper than CHINA so we had better have the best.
      CHINA has become the mega-trend of the decade if not the century, but who knows!?
      I would suggest that any business sector that does business internationally is subject to CHINESE competition going forward.....its just a matter of time. So, consolidate, merge, partnership, dwindle, go out of business, or thrive but you'd better start figuring your next move now because CHINA wants IT ALL to belong to them!
      I expect some mega mergers in TECH. The price is right these days but, it will take a few years to convince some that their very survival depends on WORLD markets and CHINA is building bridges ( of all kinds...some not so good...MIlitary..etc.) each and everyday.
      CHINA has learned there is more than one way to conquer your enemies and PROFIT every step of the way.

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